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December 29, 2016

2016 Favorites | Births

I mentioned on yesterday’s wedding post that becoming a wedding photographer had not been in my plan when I was first pursuing photography.  Well, if that wasn’t ever in the plan, then becoming a birth photographer wasn’t even the slightest of tiny ideas when I picked up my first DSLR 8 or 9 years ago!!

But birth photography quickly became one of my FAVORITE things after shooting my first birth 4 years ago.  There’s nothing like seeing the miracle of a tiny human being that God created being born and taking his or her first breath.  It honestly brings tears to my eyes every.single.time.  And being able to capture those first moments of the baby with his or her new parents is such a joy!

It’s similar to how I feel about photographing weddings… since I’ve been married for 5 years and a mom for almost 2 years, it’s like I have this secret that I’ll soon get to share with my couples.  The “secret” that marriage is incredible and becoming a parent is so joyful, overwhelming, exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time!  It’s like I’m hiding behind my camera in anticipation waiting for them to catch onto the secret that I can’t wait to share with them!

I can’t believe I was able to be a part of 8 new babies lives this year.  A couple I wasn’t able to be in the operating room for and one was my first ever Fresh48 session, but all the same, these parents didn’t have to worry about photos.  It was something I was able to give them in those first 60 minutes of their children’s lives and I will forever be honored to have passed those captured memories along in the form of photos.

Joe and Stephanie welcomed Harper Rose on February 13.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-104 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-125

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-130 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-132 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-135 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-146 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-162

Brad and Karen welcomed Lucas Bradley on June 14.

Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-108 Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-120 Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-126Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-159

Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-161 Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-168 Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-170 Columbia-SC-birth-photographer-180

William and Kendall welcomed Charlotte Elizabeth on June 14 too!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-115 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-120 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-122

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-138 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-144 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-149 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-155 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-157

Turner and Courtney welcomed Asa Owen on August 4 (his due date!).

c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-106 c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-107 c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-110b c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-113 c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-117 c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-119 c-section-birth-photography-greenville-memorial-125

Patricia and Dustin win the award for earliest I’ve ever been called for a birth :-)  Their daughter, Kennedy Jude, was born on August 26.

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-103 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-106 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-115 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-125 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-126 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-146 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-140 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-148

And then in October, I was able to go to Nashville for the birth of my best friend’s baby!!
Chris and Arica welcomed their daughter, Savannah Grace, on October 29.

best-friend-birth-photos-104 best-friend-birth-photos-108 best-friend-birth-photos-120 best-friend-birth-photos-125 best-friend-birth-photos-128 best-friend-birth-photos-133 best-friend-birth-photos-134 best-friend-birth-photos-140 best-friend-birth-photos-143 best-friend-birth-photos-148 best-friend-birth-photos-150 best-friend-birth-photos-154 best-friend-birth-photos-158

Courtney and Jim welcomed their daughter, Harper James, on November 20.

thanksgiving-birth-photos-107 thanksgiving-birth-photos-118 thanksgiving-birth-photos-120 thanksgiving-birth-photos-131 thanksgiving-birth-photos-134 thanksgiving-birth-photos-139 thanksgiving-birth-photos-146 thanksgiving-birth-photos-148 thanksgiving-birth-photos-152 thanksgiving-birth-photos-165 thanksgiving-birth-photos-168

I actually have one more birth mom whose due date is December 31, but we may not meet their little boy until after the new year.  That’s ok though… it will be a wonderful way to start off 2017!!

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