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December 27, 2016

2016 Favorites | Engagement Photos

There’s a reason I include a complimentary engagement session with all of my wedding collections.  It’s two-fold actually!  It gives me a chance to hang out with each of my couples away from the pressure of a wedding day.  I get to know them a little better, I get to hear their story in person, and I get to know them as a couple!  It also allows me an opportunity to teach them how to be natural in front of my camera so that when their wedding day arrives, there’s no awkwardness when it comes to portrait time!

For my couples, it gives them a chance to see how I work and what their wedding day will be like with me tagging around for 8-12 hours :-)  Plus, it gives them a chance to snuggle (a lot) and just be together without thinking of anything other than each other and being as cute and adorable as possible.  I also encourage them to go out for dinner (or breakfast if we met at sunrise!) afterwards because they’re already dressed up, so why not make a full night of it??

Some of these couples were married this year (and I’ll share my favorite wedding photos soon!) but several are getting married in the coming months and I canNOT wait!  I say it all the time, but I honestly love what I do (even during busy season!) and since Ben and I think marriage is pretty amazing, it makes me giddy thinking about the adventure my couples are about to begin.  So, cheers to a wonderful 2016 and an amazing 2017!

formal-downtown-greenville-engagement-photos-120 formal-downtown-greenville-engagement-photos-126 formal-downtown-greenville-engagement-photos-134

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-108 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-112


Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-110 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-136 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-118 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-138

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-103 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-112 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-124

Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-137 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-118 Highlands-NC-Engagement-Photos-129

bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-109 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-120 bright-downtown-Greenville-engagement-photos-124

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-110 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-109 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-134 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-137

winthrop-engagement-photos-109 winthrop-engagement-photos-118 winthrop-engagement-photos-133

downtown-greer-engagement-photos-111 downtown-greer-engagement-photos-110

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charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-122 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-107 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-128 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-133

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