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September 3, 2014

A Ring Tip for Brides

There are so many parts of the wedding day that I love – seeing the bride when I first arrive, capturing the First Look, watching the bride and groom walk up the aisle as husband and wife…  But after I first arrive and hug the bride and meet everyone, I slip away for about 30-45 minutes while the girls finish getting ready so I can get some detail shots.

The bride has worked so hard to put her day together and getting those detail shots is a way for me to document some of that for her.  But another part of that are the ring shots!  And who doesn’t love photos of their bling?!?

Well, one quick tip for brides – so that I can get the most gorgeous photos of your ring – is to have that diamond engagement ring cleaned the week of the wedding.  I know, you have a million things to do already, but I promise that one quick cleaning will do wonders!  And most jewelry stores at the mall do it for free!  If I’m at the mall for any reason, I’ll usually swing by one of the stores to have my rings cleaned… and then I’m distracted the rest of the day by how shiny they are!


Because I’m getting so up close and personal with the rings, every spec of dust can be seen.  I can sometimes do a little bit of editing to clean it up, but the difference it makes to have it cleaned with jewelry cleaner is something simple you can do that has amazing results!




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