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June 27, 2016

Adoption Story | Emerson Scout

My first “real job” after college was at Upward Sports. I was 24 years old when I began working there and looking back, I was SO young.  But the Lord grew me in so many ways while I was there and a lot of it was because of the ministry of the organization itself, but much of it was also because of the people I was able to work with and do life with.

Gregg and his family are one of those people.  A babysat for them a handful of times and their oldest was pretty young and couldn’t quite call me Miss Sabrina (that’s a lot of S’s in a row!) so it sounded more like Miss Abrina. And it was so cute!  I remember going to the hospital to meet their second son and taking photos of them as the boys grew. By the time their daughter was born, I was getting more into photography so they asked me to come take newborn photos of her.

Fast forward about 7 or 8 years to last summer… I took Catherine to Upward to meet everyone when she was about 4.5 months old and when I took her into Gregg’s office, he showed me photos of his beautiful, wonderful, and precious new daughter that wasn’t officially theirs yet.  But they knew.  And best yet, God had known all along.

So when Cristie emailed me a few months ago about coming to the courthouse for her Adoption Day, I was so excited for them but also excited about this new venture that God had put into my path!  In less than two weeks I was able to join two incredible families, both of whom I’ve known for ages, at the same courthouse to witness and then photograph the Lord growing their families in ways they hadn’t imagined when I first met them.  But that’s exactly how God works… if we trust Him, He will do far more than we could ask or imagine!

I’m excited to introduce to you Emerson Scout with her Forever Family!


Community is a big deal.  Especially when it comes to raising children.  Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”?  I had a village raise me growing up and feel as though I’m better for it (and I know my mom was thankful for all the help she could get!).  So seeing families who have their village/community come support them makes my heart swell with joy because I know they have support, love and encouragement at arm’s length.

SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-102 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-103 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-104

Cristie had shirts and cardigans (fot the girls) made for their immediate family that said, “Em’s Squad” on the back.  Emerson’s had her name on it!


Seriously.  How sweet is that face?!?


I just can’t even handle both of her sweet little hands…


Off they go!


And before we knew it, it was official!!
Just like the births I’ve been able to photograph, I cried at this adoption.  Cristie could barely get her new daughter’s name past her lips when asked by the court what her name would be.  Which of course brought everyone else to tears, myself included.  So much so that the courtroom security officer walked around to everyone with a box of tissues!


Their family and the judge that made it official!

SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-112 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-113 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-115

You know, cookies should be a part of every birth, adoption and wedding.
These are celebrations, my friends!  And celebrations call for confectionary delights.


There were some other photos with the grandparents where everyone was looking at the camera but I love this one SO much!  Emerson had just tried to stuff the cookie (bag and all) into her grandfather’s face.  Oh my gosh, how I love kids and their antics!

SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-118 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-119

Aunts are amazing people…


Especially when they teach you how to make funny faces!


Sweet girl!!


Cristie, forgive me for this… but when I saw her doing this, I got a flash into the future of her adjusting Emerson’s necklace on her wedding day… So just be prepared to recreate this photo 30+ years down the road ;-)

SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-124 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-125 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-126 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-127 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-128 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-129 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-130 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-131 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-132 SpartanburgAdoptionPhotos-133

I can’t help but crack up at the image on the right!
Girl, you are after my own heart… My happy place is when I’m eating cookies too!


May laughter and the joy of the Lord fill all of your days, sweet one!  Welcome to an amazingly wonderful family!


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