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June 22, 2012

An Introduction and a Sneak Peek

Last weekend, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that we passed through several different states… and then came straight back home.  The reason we drove so far was to pick up the newest addition to our family!  Internet, I’d like for you to meet Bella…

We were looking for the darker silver with black racing stripes… and a manual transmission was a must.

The checkered mirrors are simply a bonus :-)


I remember seeing these little guys for the first time in Paris in 2001 when my mom and I flew over for a few days (I was co-opping with Delta so free flights were quite the perk!). And The Italian Job may have had something to do with my love for MINIs… By the time I came back from living in Belgium in 2004, I was looking online to see how soon I could get one of my own!  Well, without a job, soon wasn’t really an option.  But… like with all good things, it was worth the wait!  It’s been so much fun zipping around town in this little gem and she is quite excited about hauling carrying all of my camera gear around… wherever this business may take us!

The first session Bella went on was this morning!  It’s hard to believe that little Emily is already a year old.  So be on the lookout for more of this sweet little one in the next couple of weeks!

  1. katie yuen says:

    Love the mini! I’ve always wanted one!!! Maybe someday ;)

  2. Anna says:


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