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January 10, 2017

Andrew + Amy | Expecting Baby

I was so excited when I got an email from Amy last summer saying they had just found out they were pregnant!  It wasn’t too long after their wedding so there was a bit of shock (for them too!) but far more joy and happiness than anything else!

Ben and I didn’t know at that point yet that we’d be expecting our second baby so soon after Andrew and Amy, but after spending so much time with them leading up to their wedding, I knew I wanted to do maternity and birth photos for them.  It will be a little different since I’ll be so far along, but these two have been so understanding and when baby Reese comes in 5-ish weeks, they’re ok with me sitting down a bit more during his delivery than I normally would be :-)  But it will be worth it!!

It was chilly the day of their maternity photos, but I’m glad we were able to get them to Greenville for their session before the snow came.  The last thing we needed was for Amy and I both to be waddling around patches of snow and ice… yikes.

Thank you guys for asking me to be a part of this new season of life for you!  I am so excited and can’t wait to meet baby Reese soon!


After we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Amy is, can we talk about how amazing her dress is??
PinkBlush Maternity for the win!

winter-maternity-photos-river-101 winter-maternity-photos-river-102 winter-maternity-photos-river-104 winter-maternity-photos-river-103 winter-maternity-photos-river-105

Y’all are so adorable.  I can’t get over it.

winter-maternity-photos-river-106 winter-maternity-photos-river-107 winter-maternity-photos-river-108

You also have some killer model faces!  Both of you!

winter-maternity-photos-river-109 winter-maternity-photos-river-110 winter-maternity-photos-river-111 winter-maternity-photos-river-112 winter-maternity-photos-river-113 winter-maternity-photos-river-114 winter-maternity-photos-river-115 winter-maternity-photos-river-117 winter-maternity-photos-river-116 winter-maternity-photos-river-118 winter-maternity-photos-river-119 winter-maternity-photos-river-120 winter-maternity-photos-river-121 winter-maternity-photos-river-122 winter-maternity-photos-river-123 winter-maternity-photos-river-124 winter-maternity-photos-river-125

I love them all, but Amy’s dress and her hair just make her stand out so beautifully!

winter-maternity-photos-river-126 winter-maternity-photos-river-127 winter-maternity-photos-river-128 winter-maternity-photos-river-129 winter-maternity-photos-river-130 winter-maternity-photos-river-131 winter-maternity-photos-river-132 winter-maternity-photos-river-133 winter-maternity-photos-river-134

I insisted we get a photo together since these babies are due so close together!
(Just as long as they’re born several weeks apart! haha!)


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