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May 5, 2015

Anne + Steve | A Downtown Greenville Engagement Session

I remember going to a friend’s wedding in 2007 (my first wedding as the photographer, actually!) and hearing some friends of hers talk the night before about a cousin who had met her husband online.  It seemed really odd to me then but for the sake of the conversation, I was trying really hard to be open minded about it.  Little did I know just how useful of a tool that would become… especially for yours truly :-)

Anne first told me about her guy that she’d met online right at a year ago at Rachel & Tony’s wedding up in North Carolina.  I remember her saying that he was unlike any of the other guys she had dated; he treated her well, he made her feel special, and he helped her with normal life things, like moving!

And even from the beginning he would come and sit at the Starbucks downtown where she worked not just to finish up his own programming work, but so that he could also be around her during the day.  She thought it was a little odd at first, but it didn’t take Anne long to realize that this was just one of the ways Steve was being intentional in dating her.

He was also intentional in asking her what kind of ring she wanted when he proposed.  Anne had always liked her birthstone (a sapphire) and when he got down on one knee in front of her when they were visiting his parents in Michigan, he had THE most gorgeous sapphire ring in his hand (just wait until you see it!).  When he popped the question Anne said she was laughing and couldn’t stop saying YES!

You guys are SO much fun and I had a blast with you during your session… which just makes me even more excited about your wedding in September!

We started in downtown Greenville, just outside of Anne’s Starbucks, with Steve’s Harley.  The location and his bike seemed the perfect way to start our evening!

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-101 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-102 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-103 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-104

See??  I told you it was gorgeous.  Steve, you did an amazing job with this ring!!

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-105 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-106 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-107 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-108

Y’all.  I didn’t even have to coach them with their model faces.  These guys are just that talented!

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-109 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-110 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-111 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-112

I just love this one!

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-113 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-114


Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-115 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-117 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-118

Before they changed, we had to get a few shots inside of Starbucks.  And Anne had the great idea to put their wedding date on one of the cups.  I love it!

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-119 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-120 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-121 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-122

So beautiful, Anne!

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-123 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-124 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-125 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-126 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-128 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-129

Oh gosh, this is a favorite too.  He loves her so well.

Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-130-2 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-131 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-132 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-133 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-134 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-135 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-136 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-137 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-138 Harley-Davidson-downtown-Greenville-139

They’re actually going to be married in this spot, right here, four months from tomorrow.  So it was the perfect place to end their session.


  1. Nora says:

    Aw, congratulations Anne! We have missed seeing you at the downtown starbucks. Your ring and these pictures are so beautiful! So happy for you and excited to see your wedding pictures in September

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  3. Kay Larch says:

    Beautiful photos of beautiful people! Congratulations!

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