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December 11, 2018

Ansley + Zach | A Glendale Shoals Engagement

These last couple of weeks have been really tough, there’s just no way to sugar coat it.  But the friends and family and clients (who have become friends and family) who have loved us, brought us meals, sent cards and texts and given me SO many hugs after losing my brother have given me the strength that God knows I need.

And Ansley and Zach are no exception.  We did their engagement session the day before Thanksgiving and while I had their images ready to post the following week, they were 1000% understanding of why their blog would be posted later than usual.  She has sent me texts to encourage me as well as to tell me how much they love their photos!

These two have walked through lots of similar things in their lives and I think it’s one of the reasons they have such a tight bond.  It’s obvious they enjoy being together and that made our time at Glendale Shoals so much fun!

The first time we met over FaceTime, they told me that Ansley is pretty difficult to surprise. So when Zach was able to shock her with his proposal, he was elated!  She was going to dinner with her mom and some friends and he told her he was going to get tacos with his mom.  She knew he was in good hands and eating his favorite food for dinner so she wasn’t worried about him.  When their dinner was cleared and before dessert was served, the doors to the dining room opened and there was Zach.  She asked her mom what he was doing there, but as soon as she realized his family was with him, she didn’t need her question answered.  She was crying as he got down on one knee to propose and couldn’t stop saying yes!

Thank you both SO much, not only for choosing me to document your love story this coming year, but for loving me and my family even though we had just met a week before my world was turned upside down.  You both are just wonderful and I’m so looking forward to your wedding next fall!

We went on a small search for some trees that still had some color… and as I was poking my head around a driveway, an older gentleman doing some yard work offered his driveway to us.  It had the most brilliantly red crepe myrtles that I could NOT get enough of!  They were just perfect and we could have spent ages there!

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