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September 16, 2016

Baby #2 FAQs

Everyone has been so encouraging and excited with us about our second baby girl due in February, which has only increased our own anticipation and excitement!  If you missed the announcement and gender reveal, you can check it out HERE.


Since making the announcement several people have asked the same questions so I thought I’d answer them here!  We took my first baby bump picture yesterday so I thought this would be the perfect chance to share this first photo :-)  And I know it doesn’t look like it here, but she honestly seemed to have popped out of nowhere this past week and a half!

Do you have a name picked out?  Almost… we have a middle name but haven’t landed on her first name yet.  But we’re THIS close to figuring it out! It seemed like picking out Catherine’s name happened within a day, but this second one… it’s tough!  Don’t worry though, we’ll share it when we are sure about it!

How have you been feeling?  With Catherine, I was nauseous most of the day until I was about 16ish weeks along.  It wasn’t horrible and thankfully I never got sick, but I had my fare share of crackers to keep the queasiness at bay.  With this one, it hasn’t been as consistent as it was with Catherine, but holy cow, when it hits, it hits!  I still haven’t gotten sick (thankfully!) but there have been a couple of times where I thought I was close.  I say this with a little trepidation because each time I think the queasiness is letting up, it comes back… so, I think I’m getting past it, but tomorrow may be horrible so we’ll see!

Will you keep doing crossfit? Absolutely!  I worked out during my entire pregnancy with Catherine (until the week before she was born) and even though I don’t have anything to compare it to, it kept me in shape and feeling the best I could as my stomach continued to grow!  The pregnancy does slow me down a little bit and sometimes it takes me longer to catch my breath than it normally would, but thankfully I’ve been through this once before and am already beginning to modify some things.  Don’t worry, I’ll be listening to my body even more than usual so I won’t be going for any PRs or anything over the next six months!

We’ve had lots of people ask if Catherine is excited… Well, she doesn’t really have a clue what’s going on or that her world is going to drastically change in six months, so the answer is, she doesn’t know :-)  The good news is that since they will be exactly two years apart, Catherine will never know what life was like without her sister!  And that actually makes my heart really happy!  We’re already praying that they will be such good friends, although we aren’t naive enough to think they won’t fight at all, so we’re prepared for that too!

Will you keep doing photography after the baby comes?  Most definitely!  I ended up shooting 13 weddings last year, 12 of those after Catherine was born, and I even shot a few births.  So I know it’s definitely doable.  I honestly love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else right now.  I began outsourcing some things last year (mainly my editing for weddings!) and it helped SO much.  And since that system is already in place, it will be a cinch to keep it up next wedding season.  However, I’m only taking a limited number of weddings for next year and I’m already half-way booked!

Will you try for a third to get a boy?  Goodness, friends!  We haven’t delivered the second baby yet!  Give us a little time to figure out life with two babies first :-)

Are you excited that it’s a girl?  BEYOND excited!  I only have one brother so I don’t know from experience what having a sister is like.  But after watching so many friends and family members and even my sweet brides with their sisters, my heart is literally exploding with excitement that these girls will automatically have a best friend to grow up with.  Plus, Ben has been amazing as a papa to a little girl so I can’t wait to see him with two!  Ahh!  My heart is already melting!

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