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October 31, 2017

Banks Grier | Greenville Birth Photographer | Greer Memorial Hospital

This family is so special to me and I just can’t believe how much life I’ve been able to experience with them.  This was the third time I’ve been in a delivery room with Ben and Joanna and her mom, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many times they’ve been in front of my camera… and it all started because Joanna and I sat close to each other when we were on staff at our church together.

This being the third time around, we knew a few things were almost for certain (because when it comes to babies being born nothing is ever set in stone!):

  • Joanna’s babies come fast so we all wanted to be ready when the time came.
  • She delivers at Greer Memorial so the hospital is smaller, but the rooms are bigger!
  • Ben had his candy stash ready, although they’d been prepared for a couple of weeks so there wasn’t as much as there had been originally.

Banks definitely came fast and furiously when he was ready.  So much so that it seemed like Joanna maybe pushed 3 times before he was here!  God created women’s bodies to conceive, grow and give birth to babies… but since we live in a broken world, none of that is ever perfect or easy.  Some women aren’t able to go through this process for all kinds of reasons.  And having walked through some of that with friends and having miscarried a baby of our own, the miracle of birth is not lost on me.  Which I think is why tears come to my eyes with each birth I have the honor of photographing.

Ben and Jo, thank you for letting me be a part of your THIRD baby being born!  I love being in the delivery room with you guys and capturing those first few moments with your children for you.  Congratulations on your sweet, new baby boy!

  Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-101 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-102 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-103 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-104 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-105 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-106 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-107 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-108 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-109 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-110

How many mamas do you know that have sat in a warm bath reading a book while in labor??

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-111 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-112 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-113 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-114 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-115 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-116 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-117 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-118 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-119 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-120 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-121

It was tough to watch her contractions, but she handled them with so much grace and strength.

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-122 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-123 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-124 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-125 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-126 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-127 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-128 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-129 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-130 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-131 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-132 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-133 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-134 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-135 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-136 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-137 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-138 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-139 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-140 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-141 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-142 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-144 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-145 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-146 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-147 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-148 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-149 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-150 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-151

His older siblings met him over FaceTime since they were headed to bed soon after he was born :-)

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-152 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-153 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-154 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-155 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-156 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-157 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-158 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-159 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-160 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-161 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-162 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-GreerMemorial-163

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