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September 14, 2017

Bekah + Andrew | SC Botanical Gardens Engagement


I don’t actually remember the first time I met Bekah, but I do know it was when she was in high school and I was serving as a leader for our church’s high school ministry.  She was in a group that one of my friends was leading, but Bekah left an impression on me with how genuine, sweet and faithful she was.  And even though it’s been years since we’ve seen each other, spending an evening with her and Andrew confirmed that she has only gotten more beautiful and remained as kind and wonderful as ever!

These two met through YoungLife when they were in college, but it wasn’t until her senior year that he made a bet with her that he was sure to win.  If she lost a game (that neither of them had ever played nor played since!) then she had to go to dinner with him!  He won and so they went… she knew he was funny and enjoyed the time they had together but it still took some time to realize he was the one.

The funny thing about their engagement is that Ben and I were at dinner with Bekah’s parents not long before Andrew was going to propose and her mom told us that it would be happening soon!  She was (and is) SO excited and just couldn’t contain this amazing news, even though things weren’t official yet :-)  So on July 9, Andrew took Bekah out to do some fishing but instead stopped at a gazebo on the lake.  He pulled out pieces of a puzzle and asked her to put it together, but 4 pieces were missing.  As he handed her a letter to read, he added the missing pieces to the puzzle, which was of the exact gazebo and lake where they were standing.

When she finished the letter and looked down, she saw the message, “Bekah, will you marry me?”  Clearly she said yes!

Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-102 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-103 The puzzle is now in a frame and I love that it will be in their house for years to come!


Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-105 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-106 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-107 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-109 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-108 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-110

I had no idea that this desert spot existed in Clemson… but I am SO in love!  I’ve never done a ring shot on a cactus before!

Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-111 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-112 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-113

This one of them below is my favorite!

Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-114 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-115 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-116

And this one of them laughing is a close second :-)

Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-117 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-118 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-119 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-120 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-121 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-122 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-123 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-124 Clemson-BotanicalGardens-Engagement-Photos-125

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