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September 5, 2014

Birth Photography | Fall 2014

We are already 16 and a half weeks into this pregnancy.  Our next appointment is on the day that I’ll be 20 weeks along, aka half way to meeting this baby!  It’s absolutely crazy to think how fast these next 5 months will go.  And of course, I’m already planning for what the fall and even early next year and summer will look like. And in light of that, I want to offer something special for this fall. I photographed my first birth almost 2 years ago and fell in love with it from that first late night at the hospital.  My favorite thing about being a photographer is being able to capture sweet memories for people as life is happening… especially when it’s the beginning of a new adventure.  Whether it’s a marriage proposal, a wedding day, or the birth of a baby.  Nothing can top the experience of being in a delivery room, behind my camera, and then being able to show the parents and family that VERY FIRST image of their little one as he or she takes their first breath.  It’s worth the hours of being on call, it’s worth hanging out in the delivery room with the family, it’s worth every moment.  And from the mom’s perspective, me being there is especially worth every contraction, every push, every deep breath when they see those photos of their newborn. BirthPhotography-Brielle-123 So… For any parents that book me to photograph the birth of their child between now and December 31, 2014 in the upstate of South Carolina (baby’s due date is between now and the end of the year), my gift to you will be a maternity session OR a newborn session!  You can get more details on my website and by contacting me here: http://births.sabrinafields.com/ However, I wanted you to hear from a few moms who have graciously let me capture the birth of their babies for them.  Because I can tell you all day long how incredible it is, but hearing from them (the ones doing all the work!) may give you a different perspective…

I can’t believe it, but Brielle turns two next month. Time has passed like the blink of an eye! She has changed from a tiny pink newborn to a toddling bundle of energy.  I’m so grateful that we can look back on her first moments.  Thank you, Sabrina, for such beautiful photos of Brielle’s birth! The way that you captured those memories through pictures is amazing to me. You are truly artistic. Your photographs from her arrival mean more to me now than ever.  
The moment that you bring a baby into the world is an indescribable experience of anticipation met with overwhelming joy. Having the privilege of Sabrina present, to capture this beautiful experience, is a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. Every time the album is opened I am immediately taken back to those amazing moments of my baby’s first breath, first cry and the first time being held by the people who love him the most. There are no words to describe the blessing these images have been and will continue to be to our family.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have Bailey’s birth photographed. After hearing rave reviews, I decided to have Sabrina take our birth pictures. I didn’t know if Ben would be up for it, but he let me decide!! I can’t even express in words what it meant to have Sabrina there!! I thought I would be focused on what pictures she was taking, but I barely even noticed her.  When the delivery started, she blended into the background. I wasn’t sure how the pictures would turn out, but I know I should never doubt Sabrina’s skills!! When we got the pictures, we went through all the emotions again; the pictures were real and showed the emotions of the day! They were perfect to show to family that didn’t make it! I go back monthly to look at the pictures because I love reliving that day!! I can’t wait for Bailey to be old enough to see them!
Please visit the website and contact me via the contact page if you’d like to book your child’s birth story for this fall: http://births.sabrinafields.com/
  1. Ashley Post says:

    I cry every time I see these pictures! You are fantastic at what you do!

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