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July 9, 2018

Brooks William | AnMed Health | Greenville Birth Photographer

When Patricia first contacted me about photographing her second baby being born, I wasn’t planning on being anywhere except for home in July.  But when the opportunity for me to go to Paris again this summer came up, we put some precautions into place (like having a backup photographer) and all of us felt good about the situation.

When she was about 36 weeks, she texted me that her son was breech so she was hoping he would turn.  But at 37 weeks he still hadn’t shifted so Patricia texted me and asked “What time do you leave for your trip?”  We texted back and forth and while I was hoping he would turn, I was also fully ok with waking up for a 6am c-section the day I was flying out!

But baby Brooks surprised ALL of us.  Just like his sister did!  A week and a day before his scheduled c-section, Patricia called me at 1:33am to tell me her water broke and that they were headed to the hospital.  The funny thing is that I’d taken a shower the night before and left the ringer on just in case.  And I’m SO thankful I did.

I was initially going to try and go back to sleep and wait for them to call me and let me know what the doctor said when they got to the hospital, but since they were delivering in Anderson (45 minutes away), my brain wouldn’t let me go back to sleep so I headed out the door just after 2am.  Almost the exact same time I’d left for his sister’s birth!

Baby Brooks, you were such a sweet reason to be up in the middle of the night!  Patricia and Dustin, thank you again for allowing me to be there to celebrate with you and your new son.  I can’t wait to see you for his newborn photos soon!!

This is definitely the first time I’ve ever walked into the hospital WITH my couple who is about to meet their baby!
So of course they needed a photo :-)

One more ultrasound to make sure baby Brooks was still breech.

Not pictured, me in my own set of scrubs… holding them up in front of me, they were tall enough to cover me from head to foot.

That smile on Patricia’s face is her hearing her son’s cry for the first time!

Sweet (angry!) baby boy!

We took some photos of his big sister with these same Clemson rings (that belong to their parents).

Dustin was practicing for the day he gets to give his son his very own Clemson ring.  Except his will say ’40 on it!
Or maybe 2041 if he goes into engineering :-)

Just the sweetest… I can’t wait to see him again for his newborn photos soon!

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