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March 17, 2016

Catherine’s Nursery | 13 Months Later!

There were so many things that I’d hoped to do in this past year, including finishing Catherine’s nursery and blogging it!  But alas, it only got finished last week.  But really, she’s a baby and doesn’t know any different and now I love it even more than I did a year ago so I’m more excited to share it with you now!

There may still be a few things that I’d like to do or change around a bit, but if I waited to blog it until it was perfect, we’d be redoing her room before that happened because she’d be old enough to tell me she wanted something different.

Up until a couple of months before she was born, I had no idea what kind of theme I was going for.  We hadn’t found bedding yet and it felt like not much else could come together before we found that.  And when we went to look for and purchase her furniture, I found the perfect bedding… and it was ON SALE!  Like, majorly on sale.  From there, everything else finally just came together.


I love this little corner because it represents so many of my favorite people and their incredible talents and hearts.
The Nativity was painted by my friend Lana Waggoner, the “Hello sweet Catherine Marie” was painted by Taylor Beard, the photos on the wall were taken by Kim DeLoach and the print (there’s a close up the next photo down) was done by Jordanne Marie



My friend Arica gave Catherine the “Oh la la” bow hanger… and most of the bows!
I didn’t realize some bows were missing until I was editing the photos.  But you get the idea!


yellow-teal-nursery-105 yellow-teal-nursery-106

She loves her bookshelf!!  The ones on the top left are her French books and the ones on the top right are her Spanish books.
Right now she mostly just loves taking them OFF the shelves, but hopefully she’ll start “reading” them more soon :-)


You know we live in the south if we have her monogram hanging on the wall!  Don’t you love it though??
The girl that mentored me in college was so sweet to give this to us as a gift from her and her husband.  Can you believe they made this?  Check out their shop here: http://www.back40life.com/


I knew I wanted something for this white wall and when I discovered the Eiffel Tower decal on Etsy, I knew I had to have it!  So of course, my wonderful friend Arica got it for me as a shower gift.  Not only that, but when she and her husband came to meet Catherine, she put it up for me!  Now that’s a good friend :-)

yellow-teal-nursery-109 yellow-teal-nursery-110 yellow-teal-nursery-111 yellow-teal-nursery-112

These are two of the French books my mom brought me from France when I was little.  And now I get to read them to Catherine!

yellow-teal-nursery-113 yellow-teal-nursery-114

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