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June 25, 2015

Celeste + Brandon | Kilburnie Inn at Craig Farm

This wedding… this wedding was a little extra special to me.  I’ve known the groom since he was 15 and I was living in Belgium serving as a student missionary and working with his parents.  This family basically IS family to me so, when Brandon found Celeste and decided that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, well, I was as happy as if I really was his sister!

Celeste is as sweet as can be and as precious as she is, she somehow gets Brandon like no one else can.  And that’s what makes them just perfect for each other.

She couldn’t stop smiling as she was getting ready for their First Look… and he was nervous to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day.  Let’s just say that there were tears from all three of us when he turned around to see how beautiful she was.  But after that?  They could NOT stop smiling and laughing with each other!

The day was so full of joy and love and family and friends and I’m beyond thrilled to share my favorites from the day!  Celeste and Brandon, thank you guys so much for letting me capture your day.  I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else last Saturday and I’m thankful to call you family!  Love you!


southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-101 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-102

Nell, I still can’t believe you made wedding dresses for BOTH of your children’s weddings!
I know they were both a labor of love, but I hope you know how AMAZING of a job you did!

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-103 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-104 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-105 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-106 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-107 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-108

Not only did her mother-in-law make her dress, but her mom made her veil and wedding cake!
These are two incredibly talented families…

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-109 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-110

B, I know you aren’t a fan of having your photo taken, but thank you for letting me photograph your wedding day!

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-111 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-112 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-113 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-114 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-115

Her mom, mother-in-law, and soon to be step-daughter all in one photo.  This might be one of my all time favorite photos.

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-116 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-117 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-118 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-119 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-120 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-121 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-122 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-123 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-124 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-126 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-127 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-128 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-129 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-130 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-131 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-132

Oh Celeste… you are SO beautiful!

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-133 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-134 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-135 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-136 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-137 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-138 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-139 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-140 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-141

They may kill me for posting this photo, but I just had to!

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-142 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-143 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-144 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-145 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-146 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-147

Oh my gosh, so in love with this one…

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-148 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-149 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-150 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-151

The Kilburnie Inn at Craig Farm is GORGEOUS!

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-152 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-153 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-154 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-155 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-156 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-158 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-159


southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-160 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-161 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-162 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-163 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-164 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-165 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-166 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-167 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-168 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-169 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-170 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-171 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-172 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-173 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-174 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-175

Celeste had two requests of her dress… that it made noise when she walked and that it twirled when she danced.
Nell was able to make both things happen!

southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-176 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-177 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-178 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-179 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-180 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-181 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-182 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-183 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-184 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-186 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-185 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-187 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-188 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-189 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-190 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-191 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-192 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-193 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-194 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-195 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-196 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-197 southern-lace-Kilburnie-Inn-wedding-198

SO many thanks to friends and family and the vendors that made this day so special!

Ceremony & Reception | Kilburnie Inn at Craig Farm
Wedding Dress | handmade by the groom’s mom, Nell Green
Groom’s Suit | Men’s Wearhouse
Hair & Makeup Artist | Salon Naman
Florals | from Patty Reynolds’s garden
Wedding Invitations | Vista Print
Cake | the bride’s mother, Judy Celeste
Catering | Melanie Rowe Catering

  1. Brandon and Celeste says:

    My goodness Sabrina! Thank you so much for that! We just sat together and looked at these while we’re on our honeymoon. Your sweet words and beyond beautiful pictures gave us happy tears in the lobby of our resort. We are so blessed that you could be there with us on this day and capture memories that will last a lifetime. We love you!

  2. Mary Lou in NJ says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing album. What a privilege to be able to ‘see’ the day, the celebration of a relationship already underway, a magnificent journey whose path is excitedly unknown. So many well wishes to you three!

  3. Dawn Falone says:

    I’m Judy’s cousin Dawn and I just had a chance to look at all the beautiful photos that you took of Celeste and Brandon’s Wedding day!! Wow, thank you so much for all the beautiful
    photo’s and for allowing a family member to see the happiness in
    all of my families’ faces.

    You did a beautiful job capturing the happiness of everyone who attended and I am eternally grateful. Thanks, Dawn

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