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June 11, 2013

DIY Summer Wreath

I’d always wanted a house with a red door.  Red is my favorite color (with orange as an obvious and very close second) and it just makes things POP because of its color!  So when I found this adorable white house with a RED door I was sold almost before I’d even walked inside.

So what does a wreath have to do with this?  Well, I have friends who decorate for every season and holiday.  And they always find (or make) the most adorable things.  But because they do that for every season, they’re usually scouring places like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall’s Home Goods for good deals.  And well, I just can’t do it.  Those stores give me the hives if I’m in there too long!  I wish I had the patience to sort through things, but it’s just not me.  So, I usually forego the decorating unless it’s for Christmas.  But even the Christmas wreath wasn’t of my own doing.  One of my TJ Maxx/Ross/Home Goods friends was cleaning out and gave her Christmas wreath to me.  Bows and all!

Christmas Wreath

I mentioned on yesterday’s post that I’d wanted something on the door for fall because I wanted to be a little more festive.  We’d also purchased some pumpkins to carve so a wreath would just help bring it together a little more!  So, I went out and bought one of those foam wrath forms and started cutting up burlap.  I’m not sure where I found the tutorial, but it was probably somewhere on Pinterest!

Unfortunately, the only photo I have is from my phone.  But, for my first DIY wreath, it wasn’t too shabby!

So, after all of this, the front door just seemed bare.  So I started looking around for some spring/summer ideas that were EASY.  A crafty person, I am not.  So quick and easy was more of what I was looking for!  And while wrapping the wreath form with jute wasn’t necessarily quick, it was definitely easy.  And it let me sit and wrap while I watched a couple of episodes of NUMB3RS on my iPad.

DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath

So… what do you think??

DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath

I’m head over heels for the pinwheels (even if it has gotten the theme song to Pinwheel stuck in my head).

DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath

I found the tutorial for the pinwheels here on the Jones Design Company blog.  She always has SUCH good tutorials and ideas!
The only difference is that I used a longer boutonniere pin instead of a thumbtack to attach them to the wreath.

DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath

And the wreath itself?  It’s just jute rope wrapped tightly together around the wreath.  The idea for this wreath as a whole started with a search on Pinterest and landed me here.
From there, I went to Emily’s Jones Design Blog for a flower tutorial but found the pinwheel one instead (remember, I like quick and easy!).

DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath

I found the tutorial for the jute wrapping here.  Although, she wraps her wreath twice, Ms Perfectionist here only wanted to do it once.  And then fill in the holes with pieces.

DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath DIY Summer Pinwheel Wreath

So now, come fall, all I have to do if find a fall-ish embellishment to add to the wreath since the base is already covered in jute!

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