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May 28, 2014

Emily + Adam | St. Simons, Ga Wedding Photographer

Emily was calm as she and her girls got ready at her Grannie’s house Saturday morning.  She was excited, of course, but everything had been taken care of and if something was missing or went wrong that day, she wasn’t going to let it bother her.  She’d been waiting a long time for this day nothing could alter the joy of becoming Adam’s wife!

He was excited too, but he paced a little more as the excitement to see his bride walk down the aisle towards him continued to build.  His guys laughed with him and helped him pass the time and when it finally arrived, the moment they both had been waiting for, the emotion, joy and excitement was too much to hold in.

Surrounded by close friends and family on the southern coast of Georgia, Emily and Adam became husband and wife.  It could not have been a sweeter day nor anything been more perfect than it was.  Thank you both SO much for allowing Ben and me to join you on your wedding day.  Your friends and family welcomed us in like we’d been a part of your lives all along!  We’re so thankful for you both and the privilege it was to capture your first day as husband and wife.  We hope know you’re having a blast in St. Lucia but we also know you’ll be glad to come home to the same city, the same house, and not have to say goodbye this time!

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-101 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-102 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-103 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-104

I was kind of enthralled with her beautiful white shoes.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-105 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-106 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-107



And the back porch at her Grannie’s house was the perfect spot for details and getting ready shots.


Her sweet maid of honor, Sarah, gave Emily the hanger for her wedding dress.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-111 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-112

Such a classic beauty you are, Emily!


Emily had told me about the Avenue of Oaks on St. Simons… she also told me how much I would love it.  She couldn’t have spoken more truth!


It’s always fun meeting the bride and groom’s families, but it’s even sweeter when they’re a part of the wedding party.

St Simons Wedding Avenue of Oaks Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-116 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-117 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-118 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-119 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-120 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-121 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-122

Just beautiful, girls!!


Guys, you’re looking quite dapper in those suits!

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-124 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-125 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-126 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-127 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-128 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-129 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-130 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-131

I love both of these shots… so elegant and classic!

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-132 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-133 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-134 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-135 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-136 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-137 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-138

This might be one of my favorite moments of the entire day… they’re married!!

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-139 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-140

And they couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-141 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-142 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-143 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-144

I was so glad we were able to carve out time to do more portraits under the oak trees and Spanish moss…

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-145 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-146 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-147 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-148 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-149 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-150 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-151

Y’all… this is canvas worthy!!!

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-152 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-153 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-154

And the light?!?  So divine.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-155 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-156 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-157 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-158 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-159 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-160 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-161 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-162

I’m so in love with this shot that Ben captured during the first dance.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-163 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-164 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-165 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-166 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-167 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-168 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-169 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-170 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-171 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-172 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-173 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-174 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-175 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-176 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-177 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-178 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-179

I teared up during the father/daughter dance… their relationship is so sweet.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-180 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-181

Adam and his mom are just precious together!

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-182 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-183 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-184 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-185 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-186 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-187 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-188 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-189 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-190 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-191

Even with a full day and a night filled with dancing, these two ended the evening wrapped in each other’s arms.

Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-192 Elegant-St-Simons-Wedding-193

Ceremony | First Baptist Church, St. Simons Island, GA
Reception | Sea Palms Resort
Coordinator | Allyson Moline
Wedding Dress | BrideBeautiful, Stella York
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Hair | Greg Salter & Troy Watson
Makeup | Jessica Stringer
Florals | Judi, family friend
DJ | Tommy Parker, Savannah, GA
Cake | Sugarbakers
Catering | Sea Palms Resort

  1. Troy Watson says:

    Such a magnificent wedding! Very elegant and sophisticated! Thank you so much, Emily for allowing us to participate in this! It will be something I always remember!

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