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February 4, 2020

Eliza Louise | Patewood Medical | Greenville Birth Photographer

This birth story has been a long time coming.  Laura will be the first to tell you that everyone’s journey to motherhood isn’t easy, even though we wish the opposite was true.  And if you’d had a chance to read Laura and Andrew’s son’s birth story, you’ll know exactly why.  Hudson was such a gift to so many and only a big God could use his sweet little life in such big ways.

After the journey they’d been on and the three of us walking through GriefShare together, I wish I could explain my elation when I got Laura’s email that they were pregnant with a healthy baby girl!!  There were tears.  Lots of big, beautiful, happy tears!  And while we had talked about it before, I was even more overwhelmed when they asked me to be in the delivery room with them when their baby girl was born.

An induction was scheduled for January 29 if baby Eliza hadn’t come on her own before then.  So when I got a text from Laura on January 19 that while she wasn’t in labor, she knew things were starting to happen!  My camera bag was packed and I was ready for whenever they were!

About 36 hours later I got the text that they were headed to the hospital and told them to check back in with me once they were admitted.  Around 9:40pm she was about halfway and by 11:15pm she was at 9cm!

We waited in the hospital room, chatting about any and everything when we all realized it had been exactly a year since we’d started GriefShare together.  I’d hoped we’d be in this very spot one day but my hope wasn’t resting in that.  My hope (and Laura and Andrew’s) rests in our good, big and amazing God.  But we are beyond thankful for this baby girl and at the same time saddened that her big brother Hudson won’t be able to meet her until heaven one day.

Thank you all for your responses to Hudson’s birth story post.  It was wonderful and so difficult to write.

And now, we get to introduce you to sweet Eliza Louise!!

Around midnight I changed the day and date on the board… for the sake of photos :-)

You can listen to or read the lyrics to the song that was playing at this point in the night HERE.

Eliza’s first cry is what brought tears to my eyes.  Her cry came with a sigh of relief and tears of joy!
It was THE most beautiful sound.

And these photos of Andrew meeting Laura’s parents in the hallway bring the
biggest smile to my face and the most joyful tears all at the same time!

This was the same room where Hudson was born almost 15 months earlier.
I’m still in awe of the work God has done in that short amount of time.  And I’m so very thankful.

I had to get my own snuggles in with baby Eliza before leaving :-)

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