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October 1, 2018

Expecting Baby | Ian + Sarah | An At-Home Maternity Session

I first met Sarah several years ago when her twin sister was getting married.  Several of us met downtown for lunch and as soon as you meet this sweet family of theirs, you know that things are going to be all about family!  The other vivid memory I have of Sarah before she and Ian began a family of their own, was when I was photographing her nephew’s birth.  As soon as she was able, Sarah hopped in the car to make it to her sister’s delivery and still, that photograph of Sarah walking in and meeting her nephew for the first time overwhelms me!

So when she contacted me about photographing her own delivery, I was thrilled!  She and Ian decided to do an in-home maternity session because they were in the process of renovating their space and wanted to incorporate what means so much to them right now.  They will bring their daughter home to this place, they’ll watch her grow up here, they’ll become a family of 3 here… plus, it’s just beautiful!

They told me they’d finished the final touches at midnight, just hours before our session.  And while I’m sure they were exhausted, it was well worth it.  I kind of want to move in with them just for their kitchen!

I have to insert a side note here before this next image… several of you know that I’ve been playing around with film for about a year and I just love it.  But I still have SO much to learn.  So, a lot of times I will take a roll or two of film at a session and if anything turns out, the family or bride and groom definitely receive those!  For the photography enthusiasts, the more grainy black and white images were shot on a Pentax 645 with Delta3200 black and white film.  And it was processed by Richard Photo Lab.

You guys are just wonderful and I can’t wait to meet baby Ri SOON!!

For more information about maternity sessions, births and in-home newborn sessions, click HERE.

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