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August 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday | A Day Off (and a contest!)

Growing up and towards the end of college, I had jobs that mostly needed me on nights and weekends.  It was fine for what it was, but I was really looking forward to getting my nights and weekends back once I graduated and got a real job!  Even after college and moving back from Belgium, I worked at a restaurant for a little while and when I made the transition to working at Upward Sports, I was SO excited to have my nights and weekends back!  And I tell you all of this to show you that God really does have a sense of humor… I LOVE photography.  Every aspect of it (ok, maybe not taxes, but you know what I mean).  And I even love that I get to work on weekends :-)

I used to spend a lot of time in the evenings and over the weekends on the computer editing away, but when Ben and I met, I wanted to spend that time with him.  And now that we’re married, I try really hard to protect the time that he’s at home!  My first priority is God, my second is Ben and (before we have children) then comes everything else.  It doesn’t always work out to not work some evenings, but because I have the best husband in the world, he is so understanding when I need to be on the computer some nights.  I just love that man!

Because of the more hectic schedule this year during wedding season and still working at the church, I haven’t had a lot of down time.  So, today, I’m taking an actual day off.  And I’m SOOOO excited.  When you read this post I’ll either be at the gym, in the yard pulling a few (thousand) weeds, at a little guy’s 4th birthday party, getting a pedicure, or at the park with a book and bubble tea in hand.  And I’m SOOOO excited!  I get jealous of people who have time to read and I decided that today was going to be the day I sat down with a book.  I used to read all the time!  Granted, some of that was because of traveling with work, but still.  I loved it!

So, in honor of taking some time off to relax and enjoy life, I’m having a little contest.  It’s SUPER easy!  Just leave a comment about what you like to do on your day off and I’ll pick a winner (via random.org) and announce them on Tuesday morning’s blog.  What’s the prize you ask?  Well, I thought a $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble would be quite fitting.

And because every post is better with a picture, here’s where I’ll be hanging out later this afternoon :-)

Happy Friday!

  1. Brooke Petty says:

    What I love to do….Sleep in until 10am, get up and transfer from the bed to the couch, watch HGTV for a while (or right now, the Olympics), go out to eat and too a movie. Best Day Off!

  2. Kristen Walbridge says:

    On my day off I love to sleep in, enjoy some coffee and reading, and then hang out with my husband!

  3. Ginny Williams says:

    On my day off…
    While I do LOVE sleep and never get enough of it, I also hardly ever get time to myself as a working mom. So, I keep a list of things that I want to “fit in” as I think of them. That might be visiting a new boutique in town or a DIY project at home. And on my days off, I get my list out and pick whatever I want to do!

  4. Woo hoo! Enjoy your day off, girl! When I’m off I like to spend the day in front of the TV watching ABC Family. Haha!

  5. Elisha Petree says:

    :-) Well then I might just sneak up on you in the Park! On my day off let’s see…to start it off I love going over to my “hubby to be’s” place and make a big brunch. Followed by some outside activity! Depending on the weather we either frollick on the Swamp Rabbit trail, or we drive out to his mom’s house in the country to visit with her and her doggies. That’s when I whip out a book and sit outside on the swing…while he rides around on a golf cart with the dogs :)

  6. Shellie says:

    I do love to sleep in whenever possible and only once in a while, BUT… Since I am a stay a home mom and am at home/or out all day with my 4 children that I love dearly and my husband every moment that he is home, a day off for me is actually getting to get out of the house by myself (even just to get groceries), which every once in a while my husband is supper sweet to do that for me. =-)

  7. Kristin Couch says:

    Congrats on your day off Sabrina! I hope you enjoy your fun filled day. I’m the same way always like to fit everything I want to do in my day off. I however mostly work on craft projects. Last week I was off a couple days for vacation I painted my master bath, tiled around my fire place (doing a little revamping by adding a mantel and some glass tile) and bought some old windows at @oldhousesalvage to spruce up and hang for wall decorations! Hope you get to do everything on your day off wish list!!!

  8. Tracy says:

    On my day off, I like to stay in my pajamas all day and read, Facebook surf, and be generally unproductive. It’s wonderful!

  9. Arica says:

    A day off…with no to-do list…well that would include watxhing tv for awhile, taking a nap & hanging out with some friends. Oh, and maybe a pedicure. Come Sept though, my day off (Sat) will be filled w/ watching college football. Woohoo!!!

  10. Judith Myers says:

    day off? What’s that? On my days off here at Camp, I enjoy laying in my hammock reading a book or doing the ropes course. Sometimes I’ll even find friends to go kayaking with!

  11. Well, sleeping in is NOT on my list (little Ruthie is bright eyed and ready to take on the world by 6:30 every AM! NOT my child!!), but for us on a day off, we hop on the golf cart and ride to the beach or the waterpark (like we did today). Oh, the perks of living at the beach!! :)

  12. Dayna says:

    On a real day off (sans kids) I would likely sleep in late and then curl up with a book perhaps even finishing it before bedtime (rather than before then end of the month). I might also do a little experimenting in the kitchen which is super hard with ankle biters around.

  13. Margaret says:

    Get my nails and toes done, a little retail therapy, and then reading in the sun. I hope your day went great!

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