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November 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday | Ben’s New Job!

It’s been a process.  But God has been working from even long before we knew to start looking.

Ben was at his old job for almost 9 years and he had grown SO much with that company since he started with them just after they opened their doors.  As they grew and needed more help and more responsible people, Ben was one that they turned to time and again.  So, by the time we met, he carried a lot of weight and responsibility at his office.  Which, let me tell you, is really attractive… a man that not only has a job but takes initiative and can handle responsibility and does well with all of it??  Goodness… I need a fan.  So, single guys wanting to snag a good girl – take note!  Girls like men with jobs who can handle responsibility!

But I digress…

At the end of this past summer, Ben started to feel a pull to find something else.  So we started praying about where and how to look for a new job but really had no idea where to even start.  It wasn’t time for him to come full time with me or even with videography, but we knew it was time for a change.  And he was definitely open to looking at something that involved video (even though he’d only ever worked in video on the side).

The first week in September we were at a function at church and were about to leave when I saw Jim and Julia at the front of the worship center.  I’ve known them for ages and they were the first ones that trusted me with photographing the birth of one of their babies and since I’d just photographed my third birth a few weeks earlier, I wanted to go say hi and tell Julia thank you again.  Ben looked at me like I was a little crazy since we were almost out the door and they were at the front of the room in the other direction ;-)  But we went up and as I was talking to Julia, he started talking to Jim and asking him about the new campus in Spartanburg that he was now campus pastor for.  Obviously I wasn’t in on that entire conversation, but Ben told me later that he also asked how his responsibilities had changed since he was also over the video/media for all 5 campuses.  So he began to tell Ben that the video/media area of our church was growing and the guy who was helping him with it was about to leave so he was actually looking for someone to help out and fill that roll.  It was at this point that Ben told him that he was actually looking for a career change…  So they decided to meet up for breakfast later that week and talk through what the job would look like and to see if it really would be something Ben would be interested in!

I mean… what?!?  If that whole conversation and the timing of it wasn’t orchestrated by God, then I have nothing else to attribute it to.

So, they went to breakfast on Thursday and decided that Ben would help interview, direct, and edit the video of a couple that would be shown to the church at a later date.  This way, Jim got a feel for Ben and how he works and Ben got to jump in and see if he would actually like doing this.  Let’s just say that the process went really well and a formal sit-down interview was had and by the middle to end of October, the official offer had been sent his way!

Even the timing of it all was perfect!  His last full day at his old job was the day before our cruise and his first full day at church was the day after we got home.  And the best part about this job change (or one of the best parts…)?  His commute went from 45 minutes one way to just 15 minutes!  Plus, he doesn’t have to leave at 7:15am!  For these two night owls, getting to sleep to 7:30am is like a dream come true ;-)

It’s also been amazing to see how God is working in my business as He’s working in Ben at his new job.  Like I said, he’s never done video full time so getting to do what he loves all the time has put a bigger smile on his face and put him more at peace, I think.  And watching my business grow at the same time this job change happened was even further confirmation that this was the right thing to do.  One of our goals this year was to have 20 weddings for 2013.  We only shot 12 weddings this year, but Ben pointed out to me that we’ve booked 8 weddings for next year… which means as of this moment, before 2013 is even over, that we have 20 weddings!  No, it wasn’t exactly what I meant when I wrote it down on my goal list for the year, but it’s exactly what God meant and He saw to it that it happened.

We are so thankful and so excited about all of this!  We’re also super thankful for our friends and family that prayed through this and have celebrated with us!

  1. Mommy says:

    I had missed this one. I’m so happy to have found it. I have been wondering how Ben is liking his new job. I have been imagining “very well”. But it’s always good to hear this report from you. We praise God continually how He has led you both and is leading every day. Love you!

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