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Fabulous Friday

September 7, 2012

Fabulous Friday | First Friday

Clemson has this tradition called First Friday, which is the first Friday before the first home football game of the season. There’s a parade, pep rally, everyone’s in high spirits and that feeling of fall and newness and college football is in the air!  I just love it.  And part of me wishes I had an excuse to go down to Clemson today to enjoy the festivities.  However, I won’t have to wait long because we’ll be at the game tomorrow!!  And I’m so excited! Can you tell??

From the time I was in school until just a couple of years ago, season tickets were always in my hands.  But, as this amazing photography business kept growing, I realized weddings were going to be a part of that… which would mean missing a few games each season.  But, it just made more sense to give up those season tickets so I wouldn’t feel torn between going to a game and capturing someone’s wedding.  Yes, I realize that sounds incredibly ridiculous – Sabrina!  Why would you even think to put football before someone’s wedding??  Well, as the saying goes, “there’s something in these hills” and if you attended Clemson or have grown up with it, well, there’s another saying that “my blood runs orange.”  And it’s true.  It’s all true.  And I didn’t want to be torn between two of my loves!

So now, Ben and I catch games when we can and when friends offer us tickets and we have an open weekend, we’ll most likely take them up on it!  Ben grew up as a Tarheel fan but has graciously adopted Clemson as his own.  Yes, that’s how much he loves me :-)

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Are you shooting a wedding?  Going to a football game?  Or maybe watching several games from the comfort of your couch?

Whatever you’re up to and whatever team you pull for, I decided to support that team (whatever it may be) by giving one lucky blog reader a Turvis Tumbler with the team of their choice on it!  I LOVE this cup.  LOVE it.  So much so, that if my Clemson one has been in the sink, I’ve pulled Ben’s Tarheel one out to use instead.  Some may call it blaspheme, I call it not wanting to wash dishes :-)  So, leave a comment below with the team of your choice and I’ll post a winner on Monday!


  1. Katie Buckingham says:

    CLEMSON!!!! For bonus points, we (and by we, I mean I) planned our wedding around Clemson’s football season…back when we could afford season tickets. Now we’ll afford the free parade this evening :)

  2. Samantha says:

    Gotta love the Orange. Even if it is a little bit differant shade. Gotta love some Tennessee Orange!!!!!

  3. Ashley Selby says:

    Stinging a little bit from last week, but still loving my Auburn Tigers :D War Eagle!!

  4. Kait Daum says:

    This weekend I will be staying up till 4am supporting my boy and the Vanderbilt commodores from Vienna, Austria where I will be eating the largest wienerschnitzel :)

  5. Ginger says:

    Miami Hurricanes

  6. Jake Miller says:

    Sabrina, how did I not know Ben was a Tar Heel fan? Smart guy! Proud of you for drinking out of that cup! Perhaps if I win a Tar Heel tumbler, I could convince Kristi to do the same thing… =) Go Heels!

  7. Susan Hall says:

    I will be at the Clemson game in person!! And I would love a new tervis tumbler since B stole my big one for work

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