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Fabulous Friday

July 10, 2015

Fabulous Friday | Provence

I started this Fabulous Friday series 5 years ago when I needed something to blog about on a Friday.  In fact, the very first Fabulous Friday post was about Cherry Coke (yum!).  And if you’re so inclined to read said post and take a stroll back in time, you can visit my old blog here.

Yesterday I flipped through all 283 of my favorite images from my trip to Provence in 2009, simply to take a quick trip back since I couldn’t physically hop on a plane last night.  And it got me dreaming about all kinds of things that I hope to share more about in the future!  But for now, I did want to share this with you… a piece of  Château d’Estoublon.  We were there for an evening and were able to have dinner at Mogador, just inside that white door in the corner of the old stone and ivy.  It’s a beautiful location where they grow olives on trees and serve delicious meals that will have your mouth watering for days.


Happy Friday, friends.  I hope your dreams this weekend include beautiful locations like this!

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