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March 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday | Pursuit Community at Willow Florals

She won’t ever remember it, but this was mine and baby Catherine’s first outing to somewhere other than a doctor’s office since she was born!  She also helped me out by sleeping the entire time we were there :-)

You’ve heard me talk about the Pursuit conference that I’ve attended the last couple of years (you can read about it here and here), but what’s most exciting about 2015 and Pursuit Community is that we now have a local group in Greenville!  We’ve met with our small group a couple of times already this year and for the month of March, we decided that we wanted to get out and learn something.  It could have been anything at all – photography related or not.  So we chose to hang out with an amazing local florist and learn a little bit about floral arranging!

It was SO much fun to get out and see how another creative woman works her magic while she taught us a few basic elements.  We are by no means professionals now, but I at least feel confident that I could pick up some flowers from the grocery store and make them look pretty once I got home!


Julie over at Willow Florals is so much fun and is so creative!  By the end, she was even showing us how dead/dried up branches can add interesting elements to an arrangement.  I mean really, that NEVER would have crossed my mind!


We started out with these flowers…

PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-103 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-104 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-105

And ended up with some really fun creations!
Can I just say how excited I was to see that she’d included some ranunculus for us?!?  Love those flowers!

PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-106 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-107

We joked about how our different arrangements probably said something about our personalities.
But we’ll save that analysis for our next gathering ;-)

PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-108 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-109 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-110 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-111 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-112

This one was mine… and I’m kind of amazed by it!


I think this one belonged to Casey…


And I’m pretty sure this one was Kristy’s.

PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-115 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-116

The more I stayed in this space in the upstairs of Julie’s studio, the more spots I found to photograph in!

PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-117 PursuitComm-WillowFlorals-118

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