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October 31, 2012

Fall Mini Sessions | The Johnstons

When Andrea contacted me about pictures, she mentioned that they also went to Grace, but the names just weren’t ringing a bell (it’s a fairly large church…).  So as we were finishing our session and were walking back to the car, we started talking more about church and which campus we went to (the same one) and how he used to lead worship from time to time… and then it clicked!  I knew who they were!  Although, I’d only ever seen them from a distance.  But, I love making connections like that!  And if we’re at the same church, then we’re pretty much family :-)  So, let me introduce you to some of my family…

And let me warn you, they’re precious.  All of them!  The kids are beyond adorable and Andrea and Kirk?  Well, they’re still madly in love and you can tell.  Which just makes me even more happy to share their pictures with you.

Don’t let her cuteness fool you… she has quite the goofy side too!!

Ahh!  Is he not one of the cutest little boys you’ve ever seen??

I just love this :-)

Love this one too!

Um… did I not tell you?  Do you see those smiles on their faces?
Andrea and Kirk, y’all are adorable!

Thank you guys, so much, for allowing me to capture your sweet family!

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