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June 12, 2014

Families | Introducing Baby Jett

We all know it’s true… and Marett and I talked about it the first time she contacted me about birth photos of their baby boy’s arrival, knowing that we were in the midst of wedding season and that I might not be able to photograph his birth.  The truth is that babies have their own plan and their own agenda and God is THE only one that knows just when these little ones will arrive.  So when Marett texted me Wednesday night before we were to leave for St. Simons for a wedding over the weekend, I packed my small camera bag in excitement just hoping that I’d be able to photograph his birth and then leave for the wedding a day or two later.  But come Thursday night, Jett was still hanging out inside his mom’s warm and cozy tummy.

Baby Jett arrived Saturday afternoon at 4:56pm.  He stayed in NICU for a little while, but he was strong and healthy and they were so glad that mom and baby were doing well!  I hated that I couldn’t be at the hospital to meet him, but getting a chance to go and see the three of them at home was just as exciting!  Even though he came before his due date, baby Jett is perfect in so many ways!  He is just beautiful and has some of THE best facial expressions!  David and Marett, thank you for allowing me to capture this sweet time in your lives.  You guys are amazing and I loved being able to see your love for each other actually grow when your son arrived.  He is so blessed to have you guys as parents!


Nothing is cuter than a baby yawning!  Or sneezing… or getting the hiccups… or cooing…

BabyJett-102 BabyJett-103 BabyJett-104 BabyJett-105

Oh my goodness, this one is my favorite of his expressions!!


But there is nothing more beautiful than a mom with her baby…
Marett, I didn’t think you could be more gorgeous, until I saw you with Jett in your arms!


Ok, I know babies this little don’t smile unless gas is involved, but come on… how cute is this??

BabyJett-108 BabyJett-109 BabyJett-110 BabyJett-111

I love their front porch.

BabyJett-112 BabyJett-113 BabyJett-114 BabyJett-115

I love this one of him in his crib because you can see just how little he is!

BabyJett-116 BabyJett-117 BabyJett-118 BabyJett-119

Just like the quilt in the crib, Marett made this blanket too!


And who doesn’t love a baby burrito?


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