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November 19, 2013

Families | The Vandergrifts

It’s a BOY!

Oh this sweet little one!  His arrival has been so anticipated and when I got off our cruise ship last week and saw an email from Julie that he’d arrived a little ahead of schedule (but was perfect in every way!), I was THRILLED!  And I was so excited to meet him this past Friday.  When I walked in and saw Julie rocking him, I had to hold back a few tears.  He’s just so little!  But he’s perfect and precious and did an amazing job with his first photo session.

Mike and Julie… congratulations again!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this most amazing and beautiful part of your life.  You guys are going to be such wonderful parents… shoot, you already are!  The way you loved on Phillip while I was there and the ways Mike is helping out with EVERYthing just warms my heart.  This is one incredibly blessed little boy and I’m SO excited for your sweet family!

He wasn’t so sure what to think of a camera being in his face, but he got used to it quickly.


Btw… baby yawns and sneezes are the cutest things ever.

I know that babies don’t actually smile when they’re this young, but come on… how adorable is that face??

Mike has a similar photo when he was about this little so we reenacted it with Phillip.  The look on his face says he could care less, but he will LOVE this when he’s older!

It was actually pretty mild outside so we wrapped him up and went outside for a few shots too.

And there was just enough color on some of the trees to make it incredibly worth it!

Oh my heavens… that face…!

So. Much. Love.

  1. Jan says:

    Beautiful pictures. You all look so complete. Love you.

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