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April 2, 2013

Featured | Joy Foley Weddings

There are many dreams that float around in my head every day.  Some have to do with the most impractical of things, like actually living on a starship and exploring space one day.  But some dreams really do have substance… and those range anywhere from our future children, to trips we’d love to take, to things I’ve love to have happen with this business, to dream wedding locations (France anyone??).  But it’s when hard work meets persistence and lines up with those dreams that I get REALLY excited.

And today is one of those days!!  It’s beyond an honor to have anyone ask me to photograph their wedding.  They’re putting a trust in me that I’m going to capture the memories of a day that will last them a lifetime, memories that their children and grandchildren will look at for years to come.  And I love that.

But it’s also an honor when others believe in you too… when they say they like your work and want to help get it out there and show it to others.  And today, I’m beyond honored to have a dream come true by having one of our weddings featured on another blog!

Elisha and Cale were married last October and today, their wedding is being featured over on Joy Foley Weddings!  So, be sure to check it out and leave a comment to let Elisha and Cale how good it is to see their faces again!

Feature on Joy Foley Weddings

Be sure to click over to see the full feature here!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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