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May 8, 2014

Featured | Magazines & Vendors

I had the utmost honor of photographing the birth of a beautiful red headed baby girl yesterday.  And as I left the hospital, I watched the sunset in disbelief… is this really my job??  It’s so much of a dream that some days I can’t even believe it.  I walked to my car in a half daze marveling over what I was just able to witness, capture in photos, and share with this new mom and dad.  Oh and the faces of their family when I showed them THE photo!  The one where she was just two seconds old and the doctor is holding her for the first time.  It actually sends chills up my spine.  There’s a bond that comes with families on days like that and the fact that they all welcome me in like I’ve been a part of them forever?  That’s just added joy in my already full heart.

And while I have days like yesterday, I also have nights like last night… when I come home to find out my email isn’t working and I lament the fact that I’m only a small business owner and don’t have an IT department… and the dishes are piled up and clothes are sitting in the dryer from several days ago and packages still need to be mailed out to clients and the list can keep going.  Really.  But thankfully, I have a husband who, with his friend Joel, are way better at IT stuff than I am.  So they came in from having coffee and immediately started trying to figure out my email situation while I took a few deep breaths and then went to wash the dishes :-)  They’re the best.  Really!  And they fixed my email!!

Speaking of the best, I got news a little while back that one of my photos would be featured in Denim+Grace’s  May 2014 Posebook!  It came out yesterday and I was so excited to download and see how beautiful this magazine is!!  It’s always such an honor to be featured anywhere, but to be in a magazine!  That I can PURCHASE!  Holy cow!  And to see the other photographers that are in there that my work is sitting among.  Just wow.  I’m totally blown away.  Mine is on the bottom right page (below) from Anna & Ben’s wedding.


Another one that was in a magazine this month was one I got of two of my favorite photographers at the CONNECT Retreat.  Phillip wrote an incredible article for Shutter magazine about this incredible community we have in this industry and asked if he could use this photo of the Gray family!  You can read the full article here, but you’ll have to sign up for a free account first.  But it’s totally worth it!  Especially because there’s a photo of Ben and me on the next page with our small group from the week!


And finally, I’m so excited to announce that I’m a vendor on HowHeAsked.com!  We have LOVED photographing proposals and we’re excited about future proposals too!!


I’ve continually been blown away by the opportunities that God keeps presenting through this business.  If I’d ever had any idea what this little black box would do for me and my life, the doors it would open, the people it would introduce me to… I may have started this photography thing sooner.  But, I also would have been scared out of my mind for everything I’ve had to do, work for, work THROUGH, to get to this point.  But it’s all been so incredibly worth it and I wouldn’t change a minute of this journey I’ve been on.  So… to all of you reading this, to all of you who have cheered me on, to all of you who have trusted me with capturing your memories and your life as it unfolds… thank you.  Each and everyone of you mean the world to me :-)

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