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June 7, 2016

Fish, Flamingos and Falcons, Oh My!

We didn’t actually see any falcons, but we did see some vultures, which completely gave me the heebie jeebies.  Yikes.  They were close to the giraffes and it made me fearful for them!  I think maybe I’ve watched the Lion King and the Lion Guard too many times :-)

Catherine and I headed down to Columbia yesterday to meet up with some of my Clemsongang girls and their kids at Riverbanks Zoo.  We’d had something completely different in mind (more of us there and no rain!), but we still had so much fun and I don’t think any of the 5 kids minded the rain.  I was really impressed with and proud of all of them because I was trying really hard (and failing to) not to complain about the back of my shirt being soaking wet.  But when you have a bubble umbrella and are trying to walk next to the stroller so as to keep your daughter dry, some things just get sacrificed.  Let’s just say I’m super thankful I happened to have an extra shirt in the car for myself and for her!  Although she didn’t actually need hers :-)  I’ll call that a win-win!

Anyway, I was excited about the trip to see my friends, their kids, and watch them all as they took in the zoo.  So I took my camera to capture it all.  Except that with the rain and Catherine in a stroller (where the sun visor doesn’t pull over here that much), I was confined to a very small space unless we were indoors.  So, there are a lot fewer photos that I’d hoped to come home with, but it’s really ok because THIS was our day.  And I love the sweet little memories they hold!

RiverbanksZooTrip-101 RiverbanksZooTrip-102

I don’t know what it is about flamingoes but I’m completely fascinated by them!

RiverbanksZooTrip-103 RiverbanksZooTrip-104

I couldn’t back up any farther because I would have gotten myself or her soaked and I would have stepped off the path and into the grass where kangaroos were hanging out.  So crazy that we were so close to them!

RiverbanksZooTrip-105 RiverbanksZooTrip-106

The next indoor place we visited was to see the gorillas.  They were right up next to the glass because it was covered and they didn’t want to be in the rain anymore than we did :-)

RiverbanksZooTrip-107 RiverbanksZooTrip-108

We may a few more stops to see the sea lions, elephants, giraffes and a few turtles and fish outside before heading back to the aquarium for a bit.  I’m hoping to take Catherine to the Greenville Zoo later this summer when we’ll be able to stay a bit longer and see more than just the underwater wildlife :-)

RiverbanksZooTrip-109 RiverbanksZooTrip-110 RiverbanksZooTrip-111

This photo of the kids cracks me up!  Catherine looks like she’s giving someone an “Oh no she didn’t wear that out on a rainy day like this!” kind of look, Andrea and David are actually looking at the camera, and Corban is gazing at his new BFF, David :-)


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