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April 15, 2013

Getting Down & Dirty

These past 4 or 5 days have been SO much fun.  I love life and I’m so thankful for the opportunities that come our way because of this camera I hold in my hand.  As you know, we shot a wedding for some dear friends on Thursday down on Fripp Island (holy cow, can’t wait to share those this week!), we came home Friday and I attended/photographed a women’s conference that night and Saturday morning that we had at church called Body Matters (more about that soon too!).  Then, Sunday morning, we drove to Spartanburg to attend and photograph our newest campus for Grace Church!  So excited for our church, our members in that community and my old home town.

But this post is about none of those.  This post is about the Mud Run we did on Saturday afternoon.  Last year was our first time doing ANYthing like this and it was so much fun!  Natalie was one of my roommates in college and when she asked me last year if we’d be interested in teaming up with her and Josh, we jumped on it.  So when it came time to sign up again this year, we were all over it!

All the photos were taken with our phones before and after the race.  Ben and I actually wore a GoPro video camera on our heads during the race so once we have a chance to edit it, I’ll post a link!

The end of the 2012 Mud Run…

This year, however, I was a little more nervous because even though Ben and I have been doing Crossfit for six months, I haven’t been running nearly as much as I had been the year before.  So I was more nervous about that than ANY of the obstacles!  It was also hilarious that before we jumped into the first mud pit, the guys telling us when to go asked if I had been the 1986 Upward Champion!  Clearly he didn’t actually read my shirt…


So, these are the last few obstacles of the race… in the far back, you can see a huge mud pile.  To the right of it, you have to SWIM through a mud pool, climb up the hill and slide down it.  Next, you have to climb up the wall on the back left of the photo (maybe 10ft??) with the help of your team, climb down it and then crawl on your stomach through one last mud pit.  The marines on top of the planks in the forefront of the photo were telling people to dunk their heads in the mud.  If they didn’t, they poured a cup of the muddy water over your head.  Somehow I managed to get out of that!  But Ben (who had the camera on his head) was told to take it off and they still dumped the muddy water on him!


Injuries weren’t too bad this year – not that we had horrible ones last year – but there are always going to be scrapes and bruises when you’re climbing, jumping, walking through streams, throwing tires and crawling over and under military vehicles.  My hands were in bandaids yesterday and even though my arms are scraped up, there wasn’t any blood.  Today it’s just a general soreness (hence the slow moving and the late blog post today!).  Last year, Ben DOVE into the mud pool at the end of the course and ended up with too much mud in his sinuses which transpired into the worst sinus infection.  It was awful.  So we were laughing when we got to that point and saying, “Don’t dive! Don’t dive!”  It helped that we had the GoPro to think about so diving wasn’t really an option!

And finally, the Finish line!  You can only come across it as a team of 4, but with only 2 people walking.  So, two people had to be carried.
It’s more humorous to watch teams of 4 guys do this :-)


We were pretty dirty when we came out, but we felt like we did the course faster than last year.  And even though we only shaved 4 minutes off our time (1 hr, 4 min!),
there were more obstacles than last year… so we’re pretty proud of that!


It might be grainy, but I love this picture!  We’re so hard core.


They have “showers” at the course, but they’re freezing cold and I got under them just long enough to wash the top layer of dirt off of my clothes before we changed in the changing tents.
A hot shower never felt as good as it did Saturday afternoon once we got home!


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