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March 28, 2014

Getting the Itch…

In 2008, I remember sitting at my desk at Upward Sports and just feeling like I needed to be going somewhere.  I worked in the international department and traveled fairly often.  So much so that after a couple of years, I had enough Skymiles to fly to France for my workshop with National Geographic in 2009 and then again for our honeymoon in 2011.  But, as you can imagine, those wiped my bank of Skymiles clean.  Anyway, at that point in time in 2008, it had been well over six months since I had left the country and I was itching to go… to go and do and be somewhere else.  And not long after that, an opportunity came up for me to go to Northern Ireland with a church to help with several sports camps for a week.  It actually ended up being a trying trip for several different reasons, but it also taught me several lessons and I think I grew up some on that trip (even though I was 28 years old at the time!).  But it also allowed me to meet some incredible people and to see a part of the world that is beyond beautiful.

We joked most of the time we were there about the weather because, well, it really does rain all.the.time.  But that’s why Ireland is so lush and green!  It’s gorgeous!  But we also joked that the only time photographers come out to take pictures of the gorgeous country is on the three days a year it doesn’t rain… so no one really knows how much of the time it’s actually cloudy and gray!  So, now you know :-)

But I’m at that point again… where I’m feeling the itch to leave the country. But of course, this time, I’m also itching to shoot a wedding while we’re IN whatever country we go to!  So, I’m putting it out there again.  We would love to fly to another country to photograph a wedding.  Obviously, France is first on our list.  Anywhere in Europe comes in a very close second.  Although, if someone is getting married in Australia or New Zealand, that will trump Europe.  Or if someone is getting married in Greece and wants to fly us over, that will trump all other countries.  See how this is working?  Basically, my itch to travel is making itself known and if I don’t put it out there, well, it might never happen!  So if you or someone you know is getting married outside of the country, check out this page of our blog and send me a note.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

And yes, it’s true… I’ll occasionally go to Pinterest to search Provence Weddings and just stare at the screen.  It’s SO beautiful!

Provence Weddings from Pinterest

  1. Hi! Came across your blog and felt compelled to comment :) . Probably because of all the Pinterest loveliness that you posted. ;) I haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon like I probably should have but you remind me why I should. LOL Have a great weekend!

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