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October 21, 2014

Ginny + Rony | Cliffs at Glassy Chapel Wedding

They were both as cool and as calm as could be.  In fact, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a more laid back couple on their wedding day!  But honestly, it’s mostly because that’s just who they are.

It was SUCH a gorgeous fall day and by the time we went up the mountain to the chapel for their First Look, the wind had calmed down and the sun was warming everything up.  Ginny and Rony saw each other and soaked in the day as the wedding party came to join them for photos and family followed soon after.  And before any of us knew it, it was time for Ginny to walk down the aisle!

Ginny told me at the reception (for the third time that day) that none of it felt real.  It seemed as though they were just playing dress up and everything would soon be back to normal.  But I knew exactly what she meant!  Weddings take so long to plan and coordinate and they end up only lasting a day.  But I hope that you guys were able to soak in as much as you could.  Ben and I had a blast with you guys on Sunday and we’re so excited for this new adventure that you’re beginning together.  We can’t wait to see how God continues to use you both!


If there is one thing about Ginny, it’s that she likes things loud… and that includes the colors of her shoes!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-102 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-103 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-104 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-105 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-106 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-107 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-108

She was just stunning!!


And there was NO absence of laughter either.

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-110 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-111

I’m always so thankful when Ben can hang out with the guys for a bit…  I love these shots he was able to get!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-112 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-113 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-114 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-115

The smile on Rony’s face when he saw his bride was priceless!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-116 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-117 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-118 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-119 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-120 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-121 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-122 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-123 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-124 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-125 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-126

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous…

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-127 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-128

She wanted bright flowers… and Caroline Hardin did not disappoint!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-129 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-130

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-131 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-132 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-133 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-134 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-135

Oh my goodness, you guys.  The kids in the wedding (nieces and nephews of Ginny and Rony) were PRECIOUS!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-136 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-137

Don’t get me wrong… it was a good looking wedding party… but these kids!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-138 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-139 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-140 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-141 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-142

I was a tad jealous of Ben’s angle for this shot!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-143 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-144 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-145 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-146 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-147 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-148 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-149 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-150 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-151 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-152 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-153 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-154 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-155

Ginny’s brother married them and he had everyone laughing from the start!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-156 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-157 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-158 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-159 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-160

Now THAT is a first kiss!!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-161 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-162

I’m not gonna lie… while I love when a couple sees each other before the ceremony, the “just married” photos are some of my favorites!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-163 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-164 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-165

And oh my heavens, this is a new all time favorite!!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-166 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-167 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-168

This was my first time being at the Cliffs Valley Clubhouse…. isn’t it beautiful??

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-169 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-170


Ginny and Rony opted to have cheesecake instead of a traditional wedding cake.  How amazing is this?!?

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-172 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-173 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-174 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-175 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-176 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-177 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-178 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-179 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-180 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-181 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-182 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-183 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-184 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-185 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-186 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-187 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-188 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-189 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-190 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-191

There was a bit of karaoke and a lot of dancing the night away!


And I had to include this one because this little guy could not wrap his head around those karaoke singers!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-193 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-194 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-195 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-196 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-197

I LOVE this one from their last dance… what a perfect ending to the day!

Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-198 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-199 Cliffs-Glassy-fall-wedding-photos-200

Thanks so much to everyone for making this day as wonderful as it was!
Ceremony | The Glassy Mountain Chapel
Reception | Cliffs Valley Clubhouse
Wedding Dress | The Dress in Mauldin
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Jessica’s Formal Wear
Hair & Makeup Artist | Trisha, Cotton Rouge
Florals | Caroilne Hardin
DJ | George Koury, Carolina Party Professionals
Wedding Invitations | Lano Design Studio
Cake | Kathy & Co.
Catering | Cliffs Valley Clubhouse
Photobooth | Shutterbooth of Greenville

  1. Dayna says:

    Liar, liar! Haha. It’s been a while, but you’ve been to Cliffs Valley Clubhouse before. Noel and I had our rehearsal dinner there and I have photo documentation to prove you were there in the bridesmaid role! ;o) These photos are gorgeous as always. Cant wait to see you in a few weeks.

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