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July 18, 2014

Ginny + Rony | Downtown Greenville Engagement Session

Before they left for a date one night, he asked her to come and see a trick his dog could do.  And as he put his hands behind his back and asked the dog to pick which hand the treat was in, she picked his right hand, which held a ring.  His dog obviously wasn’t interested in a ring so he told her that if she didn’t want it, maybe Ginny did.  But she was in such shock that she couldn’t say anything.  When words finally came out of her mouth, all she could come up with was, “This isn’t real!”  And he agreed with her… he turned around to get a small box out of a drawer and opened it to display a gorgeous diamond ring illuminated by a small light and he said, “This is.”

They’re getting married in October up in the mountains (where it will be so beautiful that time of year!!) so they wanted something a little different for their engagement photos.  And downtown Greenville was just the spot.  With it being July, we decided that an early morning/sunrise session would help hold off the heat a bit and there would be fewer people than there would be in the evening.  Well, there were still a lot of people downtown (who knew??  I’m usually still asleep at 7am on a Saturday!), but it was far less crowded than it would have been 12 hours later.

These two began their session like almost every other couple, by saying they weren’t photogenic and they were awkward in front of the camera.  I told them that all of my couples who tell me that turn out to be liars and same held true for Ginny and Rony!  We had so much fun and laughed – a lot.  These two just seem to get each other, quirks and all :-)  Thank you guys for making an early Saturday morning worth getting up early for!

There’s something that’s so dreamy and peaceful and glorious about the light at sunrise…

colorful-downtown-engagement-101 colorful-downtown-engagement-102 colorful-downtown-engagement-103 colorful-downtown-engagement-104 colorful-downtown-engagement-105 colorful-downtown-engagement-106 colorful-downtown-engagement-107 colorful-downtown-engagement-108 colorful-downtown-engagement-109 colorful-downtown-engagement-110

colorful-downtown-engagement-111 colorful-downtown-engagement-112 colorful-downtown-engagement-113

Ginny has amazing style, and her bracelet was the perfect accessory for the diamond Rony gave her!

colorful-downtown-engagement-114 colorful-downtown-engagement-115 colorful-downtown-engagement-116 colorful-downtown-engagement-117 colorful-downtown-engagement-118 colorful-downtown-engagement-119

I love everything about downtown.
And the fact that the clothes they changed into not only reflect their wedding colors but also matched this part of downtown was fabulous!

colorful-downtown-engagement-120 colorful-downtown-engagement-121 colorful-downtown-engagement-122 colorful-downtown-engagement-123 colorful-downtown-engagement-124 colorful-downtown-engagement-125

I just love this one!

colorful-downtown-engagement-126 colorful-downtown-engagement-127 colorful-downtown-engagement-128 colorful-downtown-engagement-129 colorful-downtown-engagement-130

Ben and I like to laugh, a lot.  So do these two.  Their wedding day is going to be so much fun!!


Ginny – your smile literally lights up your face!


Rony, her ring is gorgeous.

colorful-downtown-engagement-133 colorful-downtown-engagement-134 colorful-downtown-engagement-135 colorful-downtown-engagement-136

They’d wanted to avoid crowds for their session, but thankfully they trusted me enough to wander through the crowds at the Farmer’s Market for a bit.

colorful-downtown-engagement-137 colorful-downtown-engagement-138 colorful-downtown-engagement-139

And as we went back to our cars, this little teal vespa was parked close by.  It was practically begging us to take photos with it!
This is definitely my favorite photo from their session!  I love it!


So, whomever this vespa belongs to… THANK YOU!! :-)


  1. Gary Rexroad says:

    Ginny and Rony you two look great, awesome pictures. Ginny, you are so beautiful and I love you with all my heart. Love, Dad

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