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June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Love

How did I get so lucky to be celebrating yet another birthday with you?  Two years ago, I’d waited 7 months to spoil you like you had spoiled me on my first birthday together.  And while I feel you’re much better at this when you’re in charge, I can’t help but want to give you everything and do everything for you.

You are my world and the fact that I get to be by your side for the rest of our lives is SUCH a gift.  I love living life with you, I love working with you, I love playing with you, I love going on a hunt for a location to shoot the super moon with you.  I love that you are so thoughtful, generous, gracious, and loving.  I love that you strive to work hard, play hard and keep learning how to love me…

Thank you for being my second shooter,
Thank you for pursuing videography again,
Thank you for being such an amazing chef (!),
Thank you for putting up with the food when I cook,
Thank you for working out with me,
Thank you for supporting me and taking on my dreams with me,
Thank you for pursuing God,
Thank you for wanting to lead me,
Thank you for loving me,
Thank you for being so handsome,
Thank you for always making me laugh,
Thank you for wanting to travel and explore,
Thank you… for SO many more things…

Happy birthday, my love.

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