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February 5, 2016

HelloFresh | Meal Planning for the Anti-Meal Planners

*UPDATE… the code has been updated!  Please use QETNAM to receive $40 off your first box!*

TryHelloFresh_highres-101 It wasn’t love at first sight.  In fact, I wasn’t sure if this service was real or just a scam.  I’m pretty sure I checked out their website a dozen times before I finally took the plunge (with a $40 off coupon in hand, of course).  But I finally realized that it would be worth a shot since I don’t like meal planning or even cooking all that much.

And let’s just say that I was sold.  You can choose to have your HelloFresh box delivered every week, every other week, or once a month.  Or once every other month if you’d prefer.  If you’re going to be out of town one week, just go onto their website and pause your delivery for that week.

The best thing about all of it is that all you really need to have in your kitchen is salt, pepper, olive oil, pots & pans, a cutting board and a good chef’s knife (it just makes cutting easier, friends! Don’t be like me pre-Ben and try to use a paring knife to cut everything.  It’s not worth the effort or the cramp in your hand).  Hello Fresh literally sends you EVERYTHING else you need to make each delicious meal happen, including the recipe book with step by step instructions and photos!

They give you several options too…

  • You choose whether you’d like a carnivore box (with meat recipes) or an herbivore box (vegetarian).
  • You choose if you’d like meals for 2 adults or a family of 4 (although I’m pretty sure if you have small children, at least 3 of them could eat the two adult portions).  Even with just our box for 2 we will occasionally have left overs.
  • You then get the option to choose how many meals per week you’d like!  For a family of 2, you can get up to 5 meals per week sent to you.  Or you can stick with the 3 meals.
  • Finally, you choose the meals you’d like to have in your box each week.  The chef’s choices will automatically be included, but you can also go in the week before and choose one of the alternatives if you prefer.
  • BONUS: most meals are around 30+ minutes to make.  I think the most “complicated” one I’ve made took 45 minutes and I’m pretty sure it was because something needed to cook a bit longer.

I almost always forget to go and choose my meals and I don’t think we’ve ever been disappointed with the chef’s choices.  They’re always delicious and most of the time, it’s meals that I would never venture to make on my own.  So we’re also getting variety on top of everything else!

Like I mentioned above, I had gotten a code for $40 off my first box.  So, if you’re getting a box for 2 with 3 meals in it, that’s a REALLY good deal.  So, please feel free to use my code (QETNAM) and let me know how your first box turns out to be! (the code expires on 3/1/16)

Each meal comes pre-packaged in its own little white box so you just remove them from the shipping box and place them in your fridge (or you take it all out and get a photo first!).  The meat is then at the bottom of the box with several ice packs so that it stays fresh even if your delivery sits on your doorstep until you get home from work.  It’s a beautiful system (to your eyes and your stomach!).

And here was the (delicious) result!  If you check out this link before the end of the week, you can download the recipe (it’s super easy!)


*I was not in any way compensated for this post.*
The bonus of sharing HelloFresh with you is that if you use the code above, we then receive $20 off our next box.  So it’s a win win!

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