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August 6, 2015

Her First Trip to Charleston

Last weekend, I had an engagement session scheduled for Saturday evening (those photos are coming soon!) so we decided that instead of me going down by myself for one night, that all three of us would go for two nights!  This was Catherine’s first full weekend away and our first trip as a family of three.  And it was SO much fun!


She did great on the drive there and back and even slept through the night both nights at the hotel.  I was amazed because I was certain that she would have woken up at least once during the two nights, but she slept like a champ!  She still woke up at her normal 6:30am, but that’s ok.  She’s always worth getting up for :-)

Friday night, we arrived and got checked into the hotel, set up her pack-n-play, fed her and then headed out for our dinner at Blossom in downtown.  We decided to share a few of the smaller sized plates so that we could try more of the menu… It was so delicious!  But we were so stuffed halfway through the meal that we had to take the rest of it back with us.  It ended up being perfect though because we had a fridge and a microwave in the room, which meant that it ended up being our appetizer for dinner on Saturday night!

We were a little lazy Saturday morning but we left for an early lunch out on Sullivan’s Island at Obstinate Daughter.  Again, the food was amazing and I would highly recommend it!  Catherine did great at both restaurants and our plan was to take her out to the ocean after lunch except that it started pouring rain halfway through our meal.  I was far more bummed than she was but we’ll just have to go back when we can let her get her toes in the sand!


This was also her first time in her “big girl stroller” instead of her snap-n-go.  I can’t get over how big she’s getting!


Sunday morning we packed up and headed into downtown for brunch (at Toast on Meeting St) and to wander a bit before we headed home.


The first time Ben and I went to Charleston together, we took a photo similar to this one and I love thinking how much our lives have changed in the last five years since we took that first photo!


She loved Charleston from the get-go :-)


Since we didn’t make it to the beach the day before, we wandered to the battery so Catherine could at least see the water!

FamilyToCharleston-107 FamilyToCharleston-108 FamilyToCharleston-109 FamilyToCharleston-110

I love this one!


Oh my goodness, what a sweet happy baby!


And then she was done with the sunglasses…

FamilyToCharleston-113 FamilyToCharleston-114 FamilyToCharleston-115 FamilyToCharleston-116 FamilyToCharleston-117

Oh Charleston, how do I love thee…


She loved it, but was wiped out before we even got back to the car.  Look how sweet she is as she falls asleep!



  1. Mommy says:

    I loved seeing pictures of her first over night away. What a trooper! So many great pictures of 3 of our fav people!

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