Our Honeymoon

June 27, 2012

Honeymoon | Louvre

It was exactly a week after we arrived in Paris that we ventured to the Louvre… not for the first time since we were staying only a few short blocks away… but it was the first time we were going inside.  The very first time I ever went to the Louvre was in 1996 when I went to Europe with my high school orchestra.  My friends and I went in, ran to see the Mona Lisa, caught a glimpse of a few other famous things, then left.  I still can’t believe we did that.  Clearly I had no idea (or maybe I was just completely apathetic…?) how incredible this buildings and its contents were at the time.  But now, after several trips into the Louvre, I get it.  I get that this building was built way before our country even existed.  I get that kings lived in it.  I get that it now houses millions of pieces of artwork and artifacts.  I get that if you spent just 3 seconds at each piece on display, that it would take years to see everything.  Years!!

Well, Ben and I didn’t spend years, but we spent about 4 hours.  And we were beat!  But, it was worth it.  And you better believe we had fun in the process :-)


Some people aren’t big fans of the glass pyramids… I for one am fascinated by them.

Ladies and Gentlemen… the Mona Lisa.

We had to take a break and get a snack… even if it did cost a small fortune.

I’m utterly and completely fascinated by artists.  There are always several set up around the Louvre painting other paintings on the walls.

I had put on my 50mm lens just to get a different perspective of things.  Sometimes I need a good challenge!

Isn’t he cute??

Backlit alabaster jars.

Not my style ;-)  But I just love it!

I’ve always loved going to Napoleon III’s apartments.

By the time we left – even after a snack – we were starving!

Believe it or not, it was only about 4pm… even though it looks like the sun is setting!  Which, I guess it was…

I love that the older generation in this picture are using their phones, while the younger lady is reading a book.  The irony did not escape me :-)

One of my favorite things about Paris are the street performers.  With the acoustics under this bridge, it sounded like something from a movie.

You might have seen these in our session with Ashley, but these pictures were the first time I’d seen these locks in Paris.
I’d seen them on a bridge in Prague a couple of years earlier, but I had no idea they were in Paris too!

We bought our own lock to take back to the bridge, but realized we didn’t have anything to write on it with… and we definitely didn’t have time to get it engraved!
Guess we’ll just have to take it next time :-)

  1. katie says:

    I went to the Louvre after my senior year of high school. since I’m an art student I definitely appreciated it but I was overwhelmed by the size and couldn’t take in the hugeness that was the museum & all of its history. I can’t wait to go back some day! It looks like you had an amazing time! :)

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