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Our Honeymoon

February 9, 2012

Honeymoon | Paris via Self Portraits

I realized on Sunday that it had been three months since we got married (woohoo!) but that I’d only put a couple honeymoon pictures out for anyone to see. You would think I would have wanted to fly through those and get them out for friends and family and the interwebs to see… but it’s been a little more overwhelming than I thought!  1,000 pictures from a vacation are a lot to sort through, especially when you’re trying to decide which ones people will actually want to see :-)
So, I thought we could start with a post of self-portraits.  You may get tired of seeing our faces by the end of this post, but for some reason, I have this uncanny ability to hold the camera out and get a pretty good picture most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s a complete fail, but those are the ones that don’t get posted.  ha!
Anyway, enjoy this tour of Paris via our self-portraits and I promise it won’t be another three months before we post more!
We ventured out to the business district one of the first days we were there.  La Defense is behind us.
You can’t really tell, but we’re on the steps of Sacre Coeur.
We were on our honeymoon! You had to guess there’d be a kissing picture or two.
This is in front of the gate to Versailles.
The Hall of Mirrors is my favorite place at Versailles!
It had taken us a few tries to get this one :-)
Out in the gardens…
This is our “Yay! We’re at Versailles!” picture.
This was further down in the gardens.  We were probably half a mile or so from the castle.
Did you know you could rent row boats and go out on the water?? We named it Louie’s Lagoon.
This was back in Paris the next day, in the Tuileries gardens.
This was our date night to Chez Georges.  Is he not SO handsome??
We were only a few blocks from the Louvre, but decided to wait until later in the first week to go.
At this point (yay for pictures in mirrors!) we’d been at the Louvre for at least 3 hours.
Late lunch at a cafe where we watched a group of 20 try and rent bikes on the street.  Awesome entertainment.
Strolling by the Seine… because that’s what you do in Paris :-)
That’s Musé d’Orsay behind us and to the left.
We went to the Eiffel Tower one day but the lines were crazy long.
But we still had to snag a picture while we were there.
When you visit St Chappelle, you exit by Le Palais de Justice, which has an amazing stair case.
Notre Dame in the front…
Notre Dame in the back.
Since the lines at the Eiffel Tower were crazy long the first day we went, we decided to reserve tickets (best thing ever since we basically walked straight up and got on the elevator!) for Monday.
This is Ben’s goofy face as the sun started to set :-)  Cracks me up!
This may not look much different, but I promise we were on top of another structure!
This time is was Notre Dame.
It took a little while to get this shot in front of the Arc de Triomphe, but it was well worth it!
This one is in Montmartre with the artist’s square behind us.
I believe this was our last meal at a café.  Goodness, I should have put some lipgloss on!
One of my FAVORITES from the trip.
Our last breakfast at our apartment.  Oh how we miss those baguettes…
At Charles de Gaule airport before boarding our plane.
Headed home as Mr & Mrs Fields!
  1. Debi Brown says:

    Sabrina your photos are so beautiful of your honeymoon. I fell in love with Paris this time last year on my first trip there. I so much enjoyed looking at all your pics of you guys and could imagine myself being there a year ago Oct 4-9. What is it about that place that is so compelling?? I have your same love for Paris and would love to go back someday to see more. Your pic of you both in front of the Eiffel Tower is stunning!
    Hope to meet you someday~ Keep up the nice work!

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