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March 6, 2014


Life is funny sometimes.  We make plans and occasionally they’ll pan out.  Occasionally they won’t.  Sometimes what our plan starts out to be turns into something completely different.  I tried to write a persuasive speech in college on why people should live in the south.  Anyone that lives here knows it’s just the best part of the country (I kid, I kid! Did you see my post yesterday??).  But as I tried to find research to back up my claims, nothing was giving me good hard evidence.  Seems it’s more of an opinion than anything else.  So my speech turned into something totally and completely different… I talked about adoption and why children need families to bring them into their homes.  It was like switching from black to white… and I wrote that speech THE DAY it was due.  And I’m pretty sure I got an A :-)

The point though is that our plans don’t always work out.  But our hope shouldn’t lie in plans because they’re always changing.  Circumstances can change with the drop of a hat.  People can change their minds at the last minute.  Money could end up not coming through like you thought.  But the one constant we can count on, the one person that will never fail us, leave us or forsake us is the One who created us.  God has never broken a promise.  And while my plans may not have always panned out – y’all know I wanted to go to the Naval Academy more than anything and the LAST place I wanted to go was Clemson… but we all know how much I love Clemson now! – I always come to find out what God had planned was way better than what I wanted to happen.

My hope is that each of you are putting your hope into the One that can never fail us.  He doesn’t promise an easy life when we trust in Him, but He promises to love us and care for us and bring a peace that is far beyond our understanding.  So my prayer today is that the God of HOPE will fill you…


  1. Charlotte Jennings says:

    Aww. Thanks for that! Perfect timing.

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