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July 11, 2014

House Project | Kitchen Floors & Cabinets

Y’all.  The kitchen is SO close to being done!  So this may actually be the last update post until we move in because I might be more excited about the big reveal here on the blog than actually seeing it in person!  Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration :-)

It’s crazy how much this room has transformed and how different it makes the entire house feel.  I can’t wait to move in and have this warm, open, well lit space to live in!  So, since I know you want to see the photos, here we go…

We actually went over one night after our June 21 wedding since the reception was just 5 minutes away!


The walls were painted, the cabinets had a coat, the can lights weren’t in, but the spots were in the ceiling!


I’m not completely sure what we’re going to use this shelf for, but I’m excited about it!
The bottom 3 shelves will have cabinet doors on them.


We went back again on June 29 and the floors had been finished!

Kitchen-Floors-Cabinets-104 Kitchen-Floors-Cabinets-105


We popped over on July 4 and the cabinets were in and the island was there!  I was so excited!


The doors were drying but they’re installed on the cabinets now!

Kitchen-Floors-Cabinets-108 Kitchen-Floors-Cabinets-109 Happy Friday!!  To see more of the house project posts, click here.

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