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June 7, 2013

Act as if it were impossible to fail

It’s proven fact that when you write your goals down, when you have a visual of them, you’re more likely to accomplish them.  Ok, I don’t really know that it’s an actual proven fact, but it’s really true!  The days that I write out my “Win the Day” list (thanks to Justin and Mary!), I get way more accomplished than when I don’t write anything down.  And as a disclaimer, the Win the Day list isn’t an on-going and traditional To-Do list, it’s a list of what you know can get accomplished THAT DAY.  And having that short list as opposed to a never ending To-Do list is way more gratifying than a list that will never be completely done!

Last night, a mentor told us the same thing in terms of our big goals and our dreams.  Right now, my big goals and dreams are on a notepad in my phone right along with the rest of my goals for the year.  This isn’t a bad place for them, because I look at them every so often, but his suggestion was to create a vision board that can be seen, looked at, pondered over, and used as a physical reminder of what we’re working towards.  (If you have not heard of or read Aspire by Kevin Hall, I HIGHLY recommend it!)

So, as a part of my Win the Day list today, I’m getting the blank wall beside my desk decorated with photos, canvases, and something to write on so that I can SEE my goals and dreams on a daily basis.  And then, I’m going to act as if it were impossible to fail.  I’m going to work as if my dreams and my goals were already a reality… all that needs to be done is to sort out the details.  Will there be missteps and failures along the way?  Sure!  But my confidence will be higher.  By ambition will be stronger.  And I already have more of a sense of urgency than if I started working towards something with apprehension.

See that blank wall?  Well, it has shadows from the ceiling light, but other than that, it’s blank.
Hopefully by the end of the day it will be full and functional and a reminder of what I’m working towards!

I also hope to have the desk and bookshelf cleaned up too…


I was able to get some frames and create my vision wall, with the what I’m aiming for… obviously :-)

  1. Hilary says:

    So sweet Sabrina… It’s easy to get muddled down in the details or overwhelmed by the amount of things to be done. Love that you’ve found a visual way to keep the important things first and the reason for what your aiming for at the forefront.

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