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December 6, 2012

Jasmine’s reSTARt

Y’all have more than likely heard me talk about Jasmine Star once or twice.  If you know me in person, you may have heard me mention her name at least 3 to 25,467 times.  She was the first photographer that I began stalking following four years ago when I started down this photography path.  Between being in awe of her weddings and engagements that she would post on her blog to her photography posts that cover all kinds of questions people have, from her serious posts about her life to her witty humor and Kisses&Disses posts (seriously, you should read some of these!), I haven’t been able to help but fall in love with her!  Ok, that sounds a little weird.  But, we met in person back in March at the Fix so we’re like totes BFFs.

Anyway… she announced not too long ago that she will be going to Seattle to work with CreativeLive with an online course she’s calling reSTARt (get it?  Jasmine Star… STAR, reSTARt!) where she’ll be helping photographers restart their business in a way.  She’ll be walking through branding, online presence, how to approach weaknesses and even refining photography skills.  And she’ll be doing this over a three month period!  So, it’s like we’ll be able to learn and then have a month to implement what she talked about before coming back to learn something else.  I love that!!  AND, one of the most fun parts is that she asked people to submit videos to be considered for one of three spots that she’ll have for in-studio!  So, of course I sent in a video :-)

I stalked looked at her Facebook page a couple of days ago because I’ve been dying to find out who will be going and if I’ll be one of the lucky ones!  I’m not holding my breath, but it would be SO amazing to walk through this process with her direct guidance.  Plus, it would be pretty awesome to go to Seattle!  Turns out, she’ll be announcing the three people on MONDAY.  That’s in just a few days!  Hopefully, my blog post on Tuesday will be about how excited I am to be travelling to Seattle early next year :-)  But even if I don’t win one of those spots, I’ll still be able to sit at home and watch for FREE (in my PJs!)!  So, a few things… if you’d like to be a part and learn, you can sign up for free on CreativeLive’s website here.  You can also watch her video below to find out more about what she’ll be talking about (or read her blogs about it here).  Annnnnd… then you can watch my video I submitted.  It’s always so strange to see myself on video… especially with THAT screen shot!

I’m convinced that someone’s sole job at the YouTube office is to pick the most ridiculous screen shots for each video.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!

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