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July 26, 2013

Jeff + Kelly | Expecting Baby

These two might be one of the cutest – and most genuine – couples I know.  Two frames into their session and they were pros at being in front of the camera!

I met Kelly when I was on staff at church and she was working at the front desk.  Her roll has changed over time (because she’s awesome at everything she does!), but luckily for me, she and Jeff still attend the same campus we do so we get to see them fairly often.  If you ever need encouragement, or help with something, or a really great hug, these are your go-to people.  And the thought of them being parents??  Holy moly, Wilkes… you’re in for an amazing ride, little guy!

It was close to 1,000 degrees the other night when I met Jeff and Kelly at their super adorable house!  But, you can’t tell at all in their photos.  Thank you guys for being so amazing… in front of the camera and in real life!  Your love for each other is so genuine and this little boy is going to be SO loved when he arrives!  Thanks for letting me capture this sweet time for you both!

See what I mean?  Y’all are adorable.

Love these!
And that teal bench…

And their house?  I kind of feel like we’d stepped into the English countryside.

Love this one.

And then we went into their backyard.  Which is where I decided I’ll be hanging out for the rest of the summer.
How gorgeous is this??

And these?  My favorites.

You guys…!  Be still my heart!

And this one?  It’s so different from what I normally do, but Kelly… I love it.

But this one?  Well, obviously I’m hilarious.  But it’s also so them!

And have I mentioned how much I love their back yard??  It was the perfect spot for photos.

I love the one on the left of them…
And this desk with the awesome stuff on it?  These two are so creative!

Y’all… seriously… your love is just beautiful.

Kelly!  Gorgeous!

Pregnancy definitely suits you :-)

  1. Sally Stevens says:

    I’m Kelly’s mom – Thank you for the precious pictures. You caught their love for each other and their sweet anticipation for Wilkes. Your pictures made my husband and I cry! Thank you again

  2. Aunt Jackie says:

    I am Sally’s sister and I am crying too!! I have never seen this kind of photo shoot, but what a great idea . . . In anticipation of the big change coming to their family. Your quality of work makes these a memory to last a lifetime!!!

  3. Jill says:

    I’m Jeff’s mom and I couldn’t agree more. Beautiful pictures and Jeff and Kelly are a very special couple. I can’t wait to see them as parents. Thank you for capturing this time in their life. Love it

  4. Mia says:

    They have to be the prettiest couple ever!

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