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May 11, 2017

Jennifer + James | A Clemson Engagement Session

They met in Clemson just after finals when he was initially interested in her roommate.  But after that didn’t (thankfully) work out, and they’d gotten to know each other over the following year, they went on their first date.  He’d planned a picnic at the Botanical Gardens where they ate sandwiches and wandered around the grounds.

After several years of dating long distance, Jennifer decided it was time to take a chance and move closer to James.  She knew before he did that they would always be together, but when she made the move to the upstate, he knew for sure that he never wanted to be apart from her again.

He planned the most perfect sunset proposal on the beach when she was in Charleston for her annual girls weekend with friends.  They were in on it, of course, but she didn’t have a clue!  Even when they realized at dinner that it was dark outside and they rushed Jennifer out and to the dark beach, Jennifer still didn’t realize what was happening… until she saw a guy that looked JUST like James.  They may have missed the sunset, but with the sand beneath their feet and the sound of the crashing waves around them, he asked her to marry him.

It was so much fun getting to be in Clemson twice this past week!  And getting to spend a couple of hours with Jennifer and James made me even more excited for their October wedding later this year!


They had not been back to the Botanical Gardens since their first date so it was only fitting – exactly 5 years later! – to go back to where their relationship began.  Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with them!


Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-103 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-104 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-105 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-106 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-107

I love how those trees complimented Jennifer’s dress!!

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-108 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-109

Y’all.  Not only did James have this ring hand made just for Jennifer, but he has video of it being crafted! So amazing.

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-110 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-111

These two are beyond cute together.

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-112 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-113 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-114

Jennifer, you are beautiful!!

Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-115 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-116 Clemson-engagement-botanical-gardens-117 Clemson-engagement-campus-118

There aren’t too many redheads that can wear orange, but these two can definitely pull it off!

Clemson-engagement-campus-119 Clemson-engagement-campus-120 Clemson-engagement-campus-121 Clemson-engagement-campus-122 Clemson-engagement-campus-123 Clemson-engagement-campus-124

These two have some shag dancing skills so I may have asked them to practice some for me :-)

Clemson-engagement-campus-125 Clemson-engagement-campus-126 Clemson-engagement-campus-127 Clemson-engagement-campus-128 Clemson-engagement-campus-129 Clemson-engagement-campus-130

The one on the left is such a favorite from their session!

Clemson-engagement-campus-131 Clemson-engagement-campus-132

And the light we found around campus was beautiful!!!

Clemson-engagement-campus-133 Clemson-engagement-campus-134

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