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June 30, 2016

Jessica + Jay | A Sunrise Downtown Greenville Engagement Session

Since I didn’t meet Ben until I was about to turn 31, I’m blown away and inspired by these sweet couples who have known each other and dated since high school!  Which means that not only did they find each other earlier in life, but they’ve literally grown up together.  And what better way to continue that bond than to promise each other forever?

Jay was doing his best to throw Jessica off the trail of when they would get engaged and he was doing such a good job that she was truly doubting what their future actually held.  But they both knew that after taking a short break when Jay went off to college, they really were so much better together than apart.  So, when Jessica almost didn’t go on a family vacation, Jay knew it was time… he held out the most beautiful ring and asked her to be his wife!  He’d been holding onto the ring for a month (I don’t know HOW you did that, Jay!) just waiting for the perfect moment and he’d found it because she was shocked!

I met up with these two in downtown Greenville for their engagement photos this past Sunday at sunrise.  Even though it was overcast, the streets were empty, the air was cool and we wandered and talked about the wedding… which is in just a few short weeks!  So, you’ll be seeing these guys on the blog again very soon!

Thank you guys for getting up so early on your last morning in Greenville for a while.  All three of us already agreed it was completely worth it, but I hope seeing some of my favorite photos just reinforces that even more :-)  See you guys soon!


These two enjoy dining out together and while it was 6:30am and dinner was hours away,
we had Roost all to ourselves with the beauty of the Hyatt lobby behind us!  Oh and the light??  Perfection.

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-102 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-104

I love this one!

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-103 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-106 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-105 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-107 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-108

It seemed so much later in the morning since the sun came up so early, but y’all, there was NO ONE around!


Gorgeous ring. Gorgeous light. Gorgeous couple.

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-110 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-111

This is one of my favorites!

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-112 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-113 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-114 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-115 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-116 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-117

You know downtown is empty when you can take photos in the middle of a crosswalk on Main St.

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-118 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-119

Y’all became pros at this modeling thing FAST!

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-120 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-121 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-122 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-123 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-124 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-125 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-126

Ah!  I love this one too!

Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-127 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-128 Greenville-sunrise-engagement-photos-129

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