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April 30, 2015

Jillian + Derek | A Lindsey Plantation Wedding

All week the forecast was calling for 100% chance of rain, which is what every bride dreads seeing leading up to her wedding!  But I feel like it could have poured rain and hailed and Jillian would have still been just as excited.  Because no matter what, she was getting to marry the man of her dreams on April 25.  And you know what?  God held off the rain!  We had a beautiful cloud covered sky that just made all of the colors POP and helped accentuate how much joy Jillian and Derek were radiating!

These two were beyond thrilled to spend the day together while surrounded by friends and family.  It was such an honor to capture how much Jillian and Derek love each other.  Not only that, but we also were able to see what I’ve known all along… they are SO loved by so many people!  But one of my favorite parts of the day were the moments that I would catch them doing nothing but soaking up each other and just being together.  They knew the significance of this day and what it meant to become husband and wife, to devote their lives to each other and to follow Christ as ONE.  It’s so evident in the way they are around each other, the way they care for their friends and family and the ways that they honored Him on their wedding day.

Jillian and Derek, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your first day as husband and wife!  I hope you’re enjoying every moment together in Mexico!  Feel free to bring back some of that warm sun with you!

My sweet friend, Jenny Williams, second shot with me on Saturday since Ben was capturing the day on video (can’t wait to share that with you too!) and I’m so thankful for her!  Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!


I was in love with her bouquet from the moment I saw it!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-102 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-103 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-104 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-105 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-106

Succulents are also the perfect prop for ring shots!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-107 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-108 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-109 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-110 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-111 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-112 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-113 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-114 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-115 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-116 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-117 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-118 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-119

Oh Jillian… you are gorgeous.


They chose to do a First Look, which gave them time to soak in what this day was and also gave us plenty of time for photos before the ceremony.

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-121 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-122

And it might have been one of the sweetest First Looks I’ve ever seen.


Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-125 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-126 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-127 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-128 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-129 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-130 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-131 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-132 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-133 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-134 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-135 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-137 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-136

These girls, those dresses, those flowers… if this photo was any more beautiful I don’t know that I could handle it!


The guys looked quite dapper too!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-139 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-141 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-142 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-143 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-144 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-145 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-146 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-147 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-148 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-149 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-150 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-151 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-152 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-153 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-154

This… is them!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-155 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-156 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-157 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-158 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-159 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-160 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-161

What a cutie!!!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-162 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-163 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-164 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-165 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-166 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-167 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-168 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-169 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-170 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-171 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-172 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-173 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-174 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-175 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-176 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-177 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-178 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-179 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-180 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-181


Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-182 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-183 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-184

So much joy…

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-185 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-186 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-187

Be still my heart!!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-188 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-189 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-190 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-191 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-192 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-194 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-195 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-196 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-197

I’m still amazed… Jillian’s sister, Katie, MADE this cake!!  Isn’t it beautiful?!?

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-198 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-199 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-200 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-201 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-202 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-203

And then her other sister, Erin, sang their first dance song.  Y’all, this family is SO talented!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-204 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-205 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-206 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-207 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-208

There were so many incredible parts to this day, but the most amazing may have been when we looked outside and saw the sunset that God wanted to end their day with.  It was like He was telling them that He wanted to give them everything because He loves them so much.

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-209 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-210 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-211 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-212 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-213 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-214

Gah!  So gorgeous!

Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-215 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-216 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-217 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-218 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-219 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-220 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-221 Lindsey-Plantation-Sabrina-Fields-222

Thanks so much to everyone for making this day so amazing!
Ceremony & Reception | Lindsey Plantation
Wedding Dress | NY Bride & Groom, Charlotte
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Wearhouse
Wedding Coordinator | Erin Mayfield
Hair & Makeup Artist | Tricia from Cotton Rouge
Florals | Greg Foster
Video | Fields Films
Band | Groove Planet
Wedding Invitations | Celebrations, Asheville
Cake | Bride’s sister, Katie Grimsley
Catering | Krumm’s on the Plate

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