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August 14, 2019

Joslyn Olivia | Patewood Medical | Greenville Birth Photographer

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to photograph a birth so when Brigitta emailed in July about my availability for the birth of her baby girl in August, I was so excited!  And the best part was we (well, I) didn’t have to wait long!

I met Brigitta and her husband, Crispin, over FaceTime one afternoon and just knew I was going to love any time I was able to spend with them.  Her hope was that she would be able to delivery this baby during the day, at Patewood (where the windows are huge and the light pouring in is beautiful!), and that their 2 sons would be able to meet their sister that same day.  So I immediately began praying all of those things and you know what… the miracle happened!

It was a beautiful August day and sweet Joslyn made her debut around 6:45pm with plenty of sunshine still pouring into the hospital room.  After Brigitta texted me that morning that her contractions were getting closer and closer together, we were ALL sure that baby girl would make her debut by mid-afternoon.  But, she kept us on our toes and made us wait a bit more.  But when she was ready, she was READY to come!  Brigitta pushed about 1.5 times and Joslyn was in the room with us!

I was tearing up from my vantage point (on a chair because the doctor was so tall, he had to raise the bed almost above my head!) and Brigitta, Crispin and everyone in the room were grinning from ear to ear.

It’s my favorite (and first) birth story so far of 2019 and I’m so beyond excited to introduce you to sweet Joslyn and her family!

These grandpas were just the best and I loved chatting Clemson football with them in the hallway!

These big brothers were SO PROUD!

The best part of going back and editing these images is watching the clock and knowing how much longer it will be until we were able to meet the baby… at this point in the day, we were just an hour away from Joslyn’s arrival!  We just didn’t’ know it yet.

This image below was not posed at all… and it’s my favorite from the entire day.

Please keep an eye on these boys and their facial expressions.  Literally, THE BEST.

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