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July 1, 2014

Katie + David | Fairview Presbyterian & The Farm at Rabon Creek

She was a little nervous about the day, but unless I had asked how she was doing, I would never had known that the nerves were getting to her.  But they were those excited nerves… the ones that you get when you’ve been anticipating something for so long that you can hardly believe that it’s time.  And once she put her dress on and I asked if she was ready to go and see her groom, she flashed her amazing smile and followed me out the door. Watching Katie and David is like putting that last piece of a puzzle into it’s spot.  It fits so perfectly and you wonder how you didn’t find it before.  I kept telling them how adorable they were together and they would laugh and give me their brilliant smiles, but it was the moments when they forgot anyone else was around that you could see – without a doubt – just how much they adore each other.  This was their day.  It had finally arrived.  And they soaked in every.single.moment.  Not even the rain during their reception could take the smiles off their faces!  They were just thrilled to finally be husband and wife and to be celebrating with family and friends. Katie and David, thank you both SO much for allowing me into your lives.  It has been so much fun getting to know you both and I know that the Lord is going to use you in ways you could never imagined.  I’m so thankful He brought you guys back together and that you don’t have to weeks before seeing each other anymore!  I know you’re having a blast in Cancun… just promise me that you’ll soak up a few extra rays of sun for me! Huge shout out to Christy Mason for second shooting with me!

This is definitely the cutest (and oldest!) church I’ve ever shot a wedding in.  Look at that date!   southern-farm-wedding-101 southern-farm-wedding-102 southern-farm-wedding-103 southern-farm-wedding-104 southern-farm-wedding-105 southern-farm-wedding-106 southern-farm-wedding-107 southern-farm-wedding-108 southern-farm-wedding-109 southern-farm-wedding-110 southern-farm-wedding-111 southern-farm-wedding-112

I’m so thankful for brides that trust me… after she put her dress on, Katie came into the sanctuary for her mom to button up her dress and to finish her preparations because the light coming in from the side doors was AMAZING.  Don’t worry though, Christy stood guard outside to make sure David didn’t wander past!

southern-farm-wedding-113 southern-farm-wedding-114 southern-farm-wedding-115

Oh my goodness, these bouquets were to die for…

southern-farm-wedding-116 southern-farm-wedding-117 southern-farm-wedding-118 southern-farm-wedding-119

I love it when couples opt to see each other before the ceremony… especially on days like this day because we were able to get ALL but photos with grandparents taken before they said I Do, which meant they were able to get to their reception not long after their guests AND we were able to avoid the rain!

southern-farm-wedding-120 southern-farm-wedding-121 southern-farm-wedding-122 southern-farm-wedding-123 southern-farm-wedding-124 southern-farm-wedding-125

Of all the photos we took that day, THIS ONE is them.  100% them!

southern-farm-wedding-126 southern-farm-wedding-127 southern-farm-wedding-128

Succulents in the bouquet and monograms on his cuffs.  Those two things alone are enough to make this photographer swoon!

southern-farm-wedding-129 southern-farm-wedding-130

Ah!  I love this one!

southern-farm-wedding-131 southern-farm-wedding-132 southern-farm-wedding-133 southern-farm-wedding-134

I think this was just after I reminded them of how adorable they are :-)

southern-farm-wedding-135 southern-farm-wedding-136 southern-farm-wedding-137 southern-farm-wedding-138 southern-farm-wedding-139 southern-farm-wedding-140 southern-farm-wedding-141 southern-farm-wedding-142 southern-farm-wedding-143 southern-farm-wedding-144

Christy caught this one!!

southern-farm-wedding-145 southern-farm-wedding-146

So adorable!

southern-farm-wedding-147 southern-farm-wedding-148 southern-farm-wedding-149 southern-farm-wedding-150 southern-farm-wedding-151 southern-farm-wedding-152

Katie gave the girls a color and they picked out their own dresses.  One of the girls even had hers from a previous wedding… so she really did get to wear it again!

southern-farm-wedding-153 southern-farm-wedding-154 southern-farm-wedding-155 southern-farm-wedding-156

Girls, y’all are just beautiful!

southern-farm-wedding-157 southern-farm-wedding-158 southern-farm-wedding-159 southern-farm-wedding-160

Oh my heavens… I about died of cuteness when I came across this one of the ring bearer!

southern-farm-wedding-161 southern-farm-wedding-162 southern-farm-wedding-162b southern-farm-wedding-162c

And then it was time…

southern-farm-wedding-163 southern-farm-wedding-164 southern-farm-wedding-165 southern-farm-wedding-166 southern-farm-wedding-167 southern-farm-wedding-168 southern-farm-wedding-169 southern-farm-wedding-170 southern-farm-wedding-171 southern-farm-wedding-172 southern-farm-wedding-173 southern-farm-wedding-174

southern-farm-wedding-175 southern-farm-wedding-176

This may have been my most favorite moment of the day!!  Her grandmother was so excited!!


The Farm at Rabon Creek is such an amazing place – a fantastic venue AND a working farm!


I loved seeing their printed engagement photos all over the place!

southern-farm-wedding-180 southern-farm-wedding-181 southern-farm-wedding-182

The majority of the flowers at the reception came from Katie’s grandmother’s garden!  So beautiful!

southern-farm-wedding-183 southern-farm-wedding-184 southern-farm-wedding-185 southern-farm-wedding-186 southern-farm-wedding-187

And this cake!  With succulents!  Katie is a girl after my own heart…

southern-farm-wedding-188 southern-farm-wedding-189 southern-farm-wedding-190

This airstream was sitting at the farm when we arrived and I think I took 4 photos total of them in front of it.  So worth it.

southern-farm-wedding-191 southern-farm-wedding-192 southern-farm-wedding-193 southern-farm-wedding-194 southern-farm-wedding-195 southern-farm-wedding-196 southern-farm-wedding-197 southern-farm-wedding-198 southern-farm-wedding-199 southern-farm-wedding-200 southern-farm-wedding-201 southern-farm-wedding-202 southern-farm-wedding-203 southern-farm-wedding-204 southern-farm-wedding-205 southern-farm-wedding-206

How many people get photos under a FULL rainbow on their wedding day??  So pretty!

southern-farm-wedding-207 southern-farm-wedding-208

And if you look closely, it was actually a double rainbow!

southern-farm-wedding-209 southern-farm-wedding-210 southern-farm-wedding-211 southern-farm-wedding-212 southern-farm-wedding-213

So thankful for everyone that made this day as wonderful as it was!
Ceremony | Fairview Presbyterian Church
Reception | The Farm at Rabon Creek
Wedding Coordinator | Sarah Brendle
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | Various Shops
Groomsmen’s Suits | Jos. A. Banks
Hair Artist | Becky Reeise
Makeup | Amanda Rankin, bridesmaid
Florals | Modfete, Katelyn Pinner
Videographer | Mark Cochran
Wedding Invitations | designed by Jay Dean (brother-in-law)
Cake | Amanda Gay, maid of honor
Catering | family friend

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