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October 13, 2016

Kayla + Nick | A Dutch Barn Wedding | Greer, SC

The tears were bound to come.  So many people from two different worlds had watched Kayla and Nick grow up into two of the most amazingly wonderful and godly people.  And when God is at work, it’s impossible to hold the tears back!

Hurricane Matthew was coming across the coast last weekend and we weren’t sure just how it was going to affect Kayla and Nick’s wedding in the upstate of South Carolina, but everyone was game for anything.  Because at the end of the day, these two were going to be husband and wife!  And you know what?  We had about 20 seconds of mist the day of their wedding, beautifully overcast skies before the ceremony and then, as family was gathering for photos before the reception, the sun broke through the clouds for a gorgeous evening filled with dancing and dining!

And those tears?  They were all happy ones, trust me.  I shed quite a few myself… and I’d like to blame it on this pregnancy, but since I bawled like a baby when Nick proposed to Kayla at the end of last year, I can’t blame the tears on the baby this time :-)  And now I’m tearing up again just thinking about their wedding day!  These two chose to see each other before the ceremony and when you see the photos from their First Look, you may shed a tear too.  They were both so happy that this day was here, that God was bringing them together as one and they couldn’t hold back their emotions either.

But it didn’t take long for those tears of joy to turn into laughter!  Kayla and Nick, you guys are amazing and I loved every minute of your day.  I hope you enjoy reliving it through these photos and that your first week as husband and wife is more than you could have imagined!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-101 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-102 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-103 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-104

Their wedding was definitely a labor of love by their families – and it was beautiful!
Nick’s dad made this box for their wedding bands and for the ring bearer to carry them down the aisle. Isn’t it amazing??

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-105 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-106 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-107

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-108 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-109 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-110 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-111 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-112 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-113 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-114 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-115 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-116 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-117

Gah!  I love these!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-118 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-119 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-120 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-121 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-122 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-124 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-125

And the florals?  Kayla’s grandmother did all of them!!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-126 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-127 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-128 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-129

Daddy/Daughter First Looks always get me too…

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-130 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-131 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-132

All of these fall colors totally had my heart!  So gorgeous, you guys!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-133 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-134 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-135 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-136 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-137 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-138 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-139 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-140 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-141 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-142 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-143 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-144 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-145 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-146 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-147 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-148 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-149 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-150 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-151 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-152 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-153 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-154

Their ceremony was at the Dutch Barn in Greer and again, their families set everything up the week before.  Isn’t it beautiful??

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-155 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-156 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-157 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-158 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-159

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-160 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-161 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-162 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-163 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-164 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-165 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-166 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-167 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-168 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-169


dutch-barn-wedding-greer-170 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-171 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-172 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-173 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-174 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-176

Oh my heavens, I love this black and white one!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-175 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-177 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-178 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-179 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-180 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-181 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-182 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-183 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-184 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-185 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-186 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-187 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-188 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-189 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-190 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-191 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-192 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-193 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-194 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-195 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-196

No, Nick wasn’t feeding Kayla one of the flowers :-)  Kayla prefers Sweedish fish over cake so she took a bite of that while he tasted the cake!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-197 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-198 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-199 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-200 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-201 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-202 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-203

I was hoping ALL week long that the sun would peek out for just a little bit during golden hour so we could get some beautiful portraits of these two… and oh my goodness was it golden!!  I could have stayed out there for hours!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-204 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-205 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-206 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-207 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-208 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-209 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-210 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-211 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-212 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-213 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-214 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-215

Many thanks to the friends, family and vendors who made Kayla and Nick’s wedding so gorgeous!

Ceremony & Reception | The Dutch Barn
Wedding Dress | Dimitra Designs
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Dimitra Designs

Invitations | Kayla, the bride!
Groomsman Suits | Kohl’s
Wedding Director |Ginger Parks
Makeup Artist |Kelli Winchell, the bride’s aunt
Hair Artist | Kayla of Tinsley & Co. Salon
Florist | Delia Pellegrino, bride’s grandmother
DJ | Joe Clarey

Catering | Holmes Catering
Cake Artist | Darla Bernath, family friend

  1. Jill Pfister says:

    I loooooove these! I wish I could have been there. They’re all so beautiful. :)

  2. Deb Vaneffen says:

    Ohhhhhh Soooooo beautiful!!!!

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